Myrrhae fragrance notes

    • Ginger root, Clary sage, incense, Myrrh crystals, White moss

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A sketchy blend of semi-sweet, woody notes, anonymous resins (quite a bit of frankincense and labdanum although not much myrrh), and a massive dollop of what smells like industrial civet. The civet is cranked high and renders the scent awkwardly dry, pushing it into twig-like territories. This isn't a bad move as it underscores the earthy nature of the resins, but it renders the scent more acrid than rich. The standard-fare clatter of cold pine aldehyde is there, but it's tucked away and the civet serves to create a distraction of sorts. While these notes do blend together, I wouldn't say the result is appealing – Myrhhae is quite severe, dry, and dirty at first. Over time, the dryer materials dissipate, but what lingers is a mawkish woody amber that's neither unique nor particularly pleasant. Although myrrh is surprisingly tricky to get right as a featured note in perfume, Myrrhae's problem is that the myrrh isn't featured enough – the scent is more of a wide-sweeping, generalized resin bomb, but it's not a great one at all as it relies too much on predictable incense tricks. Dirty, dry, scratchy, with animalic and mop bucket-esque components, the price is great, but tread with caution if it's myrrh you're after as this smells more like musky floor cleaner than any myrrh I've ever smelled.
12th July 2015
I'm not crazy about L'Erbolario's Myrrhae but I'm surely impressed but their honesty and the quality / price ratio. Myrrhae is a very simple and straight forward oriental which shares some aspects with both Comme Des Garçons 2 Man and Gucci Pour Homme I (basically the same incense accord) to which they added a substantial dose of sweet myrrh and an hyper dusty vibe. Very resinous, bold and…sweet. A bitt too much to my tastes but if you like the main players and can deal with it's sweetness, this is a nice bang for the bucks.

29th March 2015

Interesting sacramental blend of incense and myrrh (actually more incense than myrrh) full of spirituality (vaguely in the "Basala's vein" but in a more properly incensey way and exuding something in common with Noir de Reminiscence). Classic and Rinascimental. I detect the freshly aromatic note of ginger barely perceivable in the resinous dust and catch a woodsy-musky undertone in the air. L'Erbolario Myrrhae is nice but not structured, overall seems dived in to a smoky sweety rare dust. Onedimentional and (to me) a touch overly sweet.
16th July 2011