My Ylang fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blackcurrant bud, mandarin
  • Heart

    • white flowers, jasmine absolute, ylang ylang supreme, lily of the valley, green rose
  • Base

    • green vanilla pod

Latest Reviews of My Ylang

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I'm afraid I really can't find anything good to say about My Ylang: it goes on smelling of nothing but sweetness - and stays that way. Especially disappointing when Caron has recently discontinued perfumes such as Infini, which were anything but nondescript sweetness
26th July 2014
A soufflé perfume insofar as all the notes are lightly handled, including the vanilla. My Ylang begins as an object lesson in gentleness and restraint, but sadly dwindles into ordinariness after a few hours of pleasure.
So, what goes on in those hours? Infused with a whipped cream floral sweetness, this creation showcases ylang (against a background of other floral notes) without indolic heaviness, bringing its familiar almost fruity tones out further with a touch of mandarin and a breezy muguet. Definitely a fruity floral in mood – those who break out in a rash at the very mention of this category should still give it try as all the elements are judiciously arranged and the abstract quality does not have the usual synthetic drone underlying it. At this stage My Ylang is the kind of perfume I wish mainstream perfumeries would stock, so that customers could see how the sweet and fruity fare they're usually offered can be done so much better.
But alas, things go downhill after that impressive first act – it develops a kind of clove-like warmth which makes things a bit jammy – not my taste. And then turns into a tame white floral (I kept thinking tuberose) for the rest of its life, which is a disappointment, too. The trail is modest throughout.
21st February 2014