My Way fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, egyptian orange blossom
  • Heart

    • tuberose, indian jasmine
  • Base

    • virginia cedarwood, madagascan vanilla, white musk

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Bubbly tuberose. 🤷

If you're not going to do something interesting with the old 'tube, why bother? Although I credit the perfumer for making such a vulgar flower into such a likeable bubblegum-orange blossom - that must've taken a massive amount of panel testing and fine tuning. Such patience. The bottle is nice too. Worth mentioning that those who are sensitive to thunderous woody-ambers may smell one in the final drydown. Completely unnecessary.

Get Twilly instead.
16th July 2023
Orange blossom and tuberose were massive in the 80's. Here they returned in 2020 veiled under a cloud of dusty fruit.
My Way doesn't have the crazy insouciance of the 80's extravaganzas, nor does it have the crass fruitiness and nuclear radiance, or the tendency to break down into a haze of ambroxan - as many young feminines do.
Being cute, and inoffensive, it doesn't fail the SmellGood test; but is it the scent of an Individual - doing it Their Way? I think not.
14th September 2022

Is it safe? Yes. Pedestrian? Kinda, yeah… I can agree with that. Boring? Okay, I can even see that. But to me, not every fragrance has to be a work of art. Sometimes I want to wear something that will just be pleasant and agreeable, and I have no worries about it being offensive to anyone. Something I can grab no matter what the weather is like. If I was setting out to impress someone, this wouldn’t be my choice. But for what it is, I quite like it a lot. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s a good T-shirt and jeans kinda perfume. Or even one I reach for when I’m trying to just get through the day and make it seem like I put some effort in. It’s got a sweet and happy vibe to it. And it never gives me a headache.
21st April 2022
i don't know all the notes but they're suppose to be pleasant (and they are). the problem is there is so much 'pleasantness' that suffocates you that the thing that comes to mind when i smell it is the phrase 'smells like bullshit'
25th January 2022
A pedestrian fruity floral. It kicks off with that mix of fake strawberry and fake peach you smell in every intentionally unremarkable perfume, topped with a rather stereotypical pinch of mint. There's a short-lived apricot note that's only there to give the illusion for a few seconds on a test strip that this doesn't smell like a thousand other discounter perfumes.

It gets milky for a second, but ends up as a loud, 80's-style soapy white floral with the lingering cheap fruit mixed in. In a way, I have to give this credit for not drying down to a base of marshmallow, pink pepper, or fabric softener, any of which I would have assumed based on how deeply uncreative this is, but that's very faint praise, as the soapy flowers are very much a cheap perfume cliche of their own.
12th January 2022
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