My Burberry fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sweet pea, bergamot
  • Heart

    • geranium, freesia, quince
  • Base

    • patchouli, damask rose, centifolia rose

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Nice enough watered-down floral with wet-fruity undertones perfect for Mrs. Dalloway. From the "fading impressions" school of beauty, so, not my favourite, but just what some people look for.
3rd May 2022
I just don't personally like My Burberry. Got it from a friend as a gift, and she does not know this, haha. It turns me off immediately, and I have retested hoping it'll grow on me but nope... just nope. I don't even know how to explain it; to me smells too sharp, too busy, overwhelming, confusing, just a mishmash of floral and sweet and– to me– spicy. Just kind of all over the place. Smells like a kitchen sink scent, just everything thrown in kind of randomly. Maybe it's the sweet pea? Never did care too much for sweet pea. I don't get fruits in this at all.
22nd April 2020

A nice fruity floral, yet another fruity floral. The EDP has got more fruit, the EDT more flowers. Both project well and stay long!
29th December 2017
I recently received a sample of My Burberry by Burberry from the local Macy's, stuffed it in my bag, and promptly forgot about it. To be honest, I was not that excited to try it and figured that I would save it for a rainy day when I had nothing better to do. Anyway, when I finally did get around to trying it on, I was pleasantly surprised and regretted not doing so earlier. The fruity, acidic opening quickly transitions to a green, fruity-floral. There is a prominent rose note that reminds me of shampoo from the 1980s, but the overall effect is quite pleasant. The aquatic aspect of the fragrance is not salty nor drenched in melon–it is more of a dewy, mountain spring accord. The fruity aspect adds a brightness that nicely ties in with the floral notes, lifting the composition off the skin. To me, My Burberry does not (literally) smell like “an English garden after the rain”, but it successfully evokes the fantasy.

Final verdict: My Burberry is not original or groundbreaking, but the mission was accomplished by the perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, who consistently produces simple, yet intelligent compositions for the contemporary market. I would recommend this to someone who enjoys fragrances that are “fresh” and feminine, or to fans of fruity-florals, springtime florals, and aquatic florals. I would not recommend My Burberry to the budget conscious, because there are alternatives out there for a fraction of the price.

29th April 2017
Apparently, the concept behind this fragrance was that it was supposed to smell like an English garden after the rain. I actually know exactly what that smells like in reality, and I don't think this perfume captures the scent(s) very well. When you first spray it on, I actually think the top notes smell like overly ripe fruit. Not a good smell. Actually, I think this whole perfume smells too fruity for something that was supposed to be an "English Garden" scent, even in the heart of the fragrance, which I don't like that much either. I haven't been wearing this long enough to fully know what the dry down is like, and possibly the dry down and base might be okay because that's where all the actual rose scent is! (Why did they not put the rose notes in the heart? I just find that weird.) Generally, though, I don't like the whole composition and blending of notes in this one, at least not on myself. I don't really recommend this one, even for fans of fruity florals. I think there are others that are much more well done than this.
21st December 2015
I loved it. Opens with canned pineapple and pear on me, dries down to classy bitter sweet earthy notes.

I never expected to love it so much.
16th December 2015
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