Must de Cartier II 
Cartier (1993)

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Reviews of Must de Cartier II by Cartier

There are 4 reviews of Must de Cartier II by Cartier.

A fruity floral with a decided input from immortelle, not listed in the note tree.

The peach and mandarin don't stick around long. The lily, rose and jasmine rather disappear into the background. All we are left with is the pungent, woody, burnt caramel scent of the immortelle, supported by the florals.

Still, with its distinctive woody sweetness, it does smell good. More for a sporty event than office wear or dinner wear.

Definitely unisex. I'd expect to find this on the tennis court.

Reminiscent of Millot's Insolence.
Aug 17, 2017

I LOVE this fragrance. I think it must be partly because of the vetiver base note. I first smelt Must de Cartier II on a young woman from Madrid whom I met while touring the USA, and I immediately bought a bottle for myself. Whenever I wore it, I felt truly fabulous. But now I want to buy another bottle, and I can't find it anywhere. (I live in England). Has it been discontinued? It would be a real, real shame if it has. TEN thumbs up for this fantastic fragrance which, by-the-way, also smells wonderful when layered over the Must de Cartier EDP (which is a different scent) body lotion.
Nov 1, 2008

It's my favorite one! As far as I know, it's not in production any more. I'm so surprised to hear that you are saying the opposite above. Can any one surely tell me what did happen with Must II. It smells like a beautiful young girl has just came out from a Turkish bath.
Nov 3, 2006

if i could give 5 thumbs up, i would. the edp and edt seems to smell very different. edp has a stronger jasmin, in the middle note, and musky base note. the edt is more like soapy flowery. if you like no. 19, you would probably like the must ii edt. unlike must de cartier.. can pass for unisex with all that wood scent. the edp is so feminine, fruity flowery aquatic and musky.. so sexy my husband bought me this bottle because he loved it!
Dec 22, 2005

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