Musk Rose 
The Rising Phoenix Perfumery (2015)

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Musk Rose by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

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Musk Rose is a shared scent launched in 2015 by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

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Reviews of Musk Rose by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

There are 6 reviews of Musk Rose by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery.

Indian-distilled champa flower (champaca, noble and royal), rosey indolic rose and natural musk are the main elements of this visceral resinous attar affair. The Rising Phoenix Perfumery Musk Rose attar is a immensely redolent and nuclear "cosmic" musky floral aroma so deep, sensual and inexplorable. You finally end sliding down a profound aromatic chasm of radiant natural muskiness, deep "nectarinic" waxiness, arcane soapiness, softly whispered frankincense, sticky resins and rosey nostalgia. Agarwood oil enhances the general sense of waxy/apothecarian exotic soapiness. Muskiness is supreme and supremely floral. Addle floral serum (super intense) and animalic tales for us. Aphrodisiac and hounting potion. No more to be added.

My favorite musk rose attar. Simply the best. One of the best Rose fragrances, period. Order it. Swim in it. Enjoy.

Stardate 20171013:

This is Kannauji style Attar. Unfortunately I do not like this rose. I do like Champa but do not smell it here. This one gets a neutral from me but those who want to smell Kannauj attar, this may be a good proxy.

Simply stunning (and I don't even like rose!). There is something so lightly oudy and lifting and diffusive at the opening that the whole thing simply soars. Then the rose comes in, but it's a beautifully fruited rose and it's very gently, lightly sweet like a spiced plum pudding or lemony chiffon custard, but minus any sticky or cloying gooeyness. (Is there saffron or henna in here?) The musk keeps this scent warm and intriguing and delectable. This is not a gourmand at all, but it is utterly ‘tasty.' I cannot imagine a single person who would not fall in love with this (including me). Toward the end, it takes on a deeper (slightly plastic/rubbery) tone that I am a tiny bit less enamored of.

At first sniff it is probably easy to write this off as just another oriental built around a typical rose-oud axis. But like any good tale it unfolds itself at its own languid pace with enough twists in the plot to keep even the most jaded of noses enraptured.

The star of the show is without a doubt the rose. It is front and center, an opulent red ruby of a gem with facets that shift from citric tartness to boozy-velvety musk. Teasingly faint nuances covering a range from earthy-woody to buttery-creamy to herbal-spicy suggest a possible inclusion of aged oud, sandalwood, even henna. But having experienced genuine deer musk I don't quite get the sense that there is any in here although it does get musky as the rose retires with the passing hours.

Musk Rose is a remarkable scent, one that seems to unfold in slightly different ways with each wearing. The quality of ingredients is top-notch. Given the limited volume of sample at hand I can't help but feel like King Shahryar at the approach of dawn, held spellbound by Scheherazade's final tale and deeply sorrowful as 1001 nights came to an end.

I swiped Musk Rose onto my wrists, then rubbed hands, arms, neck and hair. One drop goes a long way.

Here is how it played out on my skin:

It started off with with something that smelled like Shamamah (maybe henna?), warm musk and incense that turned into a tart & creamy floral, then boozy, then a sweet rose note, more creamy notes, then rose and boozy notes. This was only in the first hour. It was constantly changing on my skin. Loved it!

Musk Rose attar is Unisex, great for work or play and can be worn year-round.


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