Musk Lave 
Areej le Doré (2020)

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Musk Lave by Areej le Doré

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Musk Lave is a shared scent launched in 2020 by Areej le Doré

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Reviews of Musk Lave by Areej le Doré

There are 1 reviews of Musk Lave by Areej le Doré.

I've never done such an about-face as I did on Musk Lave. I've been working through some of ALD's offerings, trying full bottles of War and Peace (amazing) and Agar de Noir (stunning). Nothing I've come across in the past prepared me for the strange accords that make up Musk Lave. I started by reading a rather negative review by the very articulate Kafkaesque, which focused on the 'marshmallow' lavender sweetness of Musk Lave. I took multiple wearings for my mind to sort out what was happening. Reading another review that described the notes in more detail really helped, especially concerning the sandalwood. The effect of verbal descriptions on our perception of smells is a very interesting thing. Initial impressions aside, here's what I get now.

First of all it does smell like lavender! Surprise surprise. And it is a smooth, pillowy soft lavender, not the sharp woody side of it that you get in Lavender frags. It's hard to separate it in the early stages from the very strong and beautiful real animal musk that pervades the juice. It's the musk-lavender accord that my mind initially rejected as bizarre. It smelled like some sort of sweet plastic, very strange. But over repeated wearings I find this increasingly addictive. I realize that I'm actually smelling lavender. The sandalwood contributes to this initial accord as well, but I can't distinguish it as a distinct note at this point. It's just this creamy delicious accord, with a dark pissy-stinky undercurrent from something like Civet? Not listed in the notes?

Only when the lavender and musk have died down, does the sandalwood come into its own. After a couple of hours, the sandalwood is glorious. Once I understood that, it all resolved in my mind. I still don't get the labdanum, oakmoss or 'iris accord' but perhaps with time, my mind will discern these as well. Notice that I say, 'mind' and not 'nose'.

What I love about ALD's offerings is this smell of real things. The mind is slow to sort out what is going on, but this one was really worth the wait and effort. It's almost impossible to find now, and getting rarer with each passing day. I wonder if there will be a Lave Musk II?

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