Musk Khabib 
Bortnikoff (2019)

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Reviews of Musk Khabib by Bortnikoff

There are 2 reviews of Musk Khabib by Bortnikoff.

Wow...I'm in love again! Musk Kabib is magical. I wore it today for the second time and recognized something in it...a note I'd smelled before...something that smelled like a fragrance I've smelled before...and then it hit me. In the opening, it reminds me of the ghost of Atlantic Ambergris!!! I owned Atlantic Ambergris for two years and then like a complete imbecile...I sold it. Whimper...makes me sad just thinking about it now. Anyway, Musk Kabib has a moment in the opening where I can smell Atlantic Ambergris and it made me so happy! I then looked up the note listing for Musk Kabib and saw that it does indeed contain natural ambergris. I knew when I figured out what I was smelling that I would have to own a bottle of Musk Kabib really is special! Two thumbs way up for Musk Kabib!
Aug 6, 2020

Deceptively simple– at first it presents as a rather inconsequential floral, of the bubble-gummy, pretty-not-beautiful type. But if you apply enough(I'd say at least three sprays) and give it five minutes, it starts to dance on the skin: bright citrus flits back and forth with creamy-custardy-almost-coconuty ylang ylang in a figure eight above the vanilla/vetiver/tonka base, with a light cedar/tolu impression gathering the whole thing together like a fine wooden frame.

The musk is very unobtrusive(especially for being present in the name) and lends things a soft focus romance, a sigh of satisfaction as the hours slip by.

Musk Khabib, along with Amber Cologne, shows a welcome light side to Bortnikoff's celebrated oud-centric offerings.
Aug 19, 2019

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