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    • citrus, amber, musk, woods

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Great musk scent. Monsieur musk and City Musk are my favorite colognes. The Dana Monsieur is not good now. The scent changes often. But about 5 years ago it was great. The Coty is amazing and consistent bottle to bottle.
30th November 2022
Smooth, sexy classic oriental pseudo-musk scent that should be a part of any young man's rite of passage. :-)

I say pseudo-musk because its musk isn't nearly as convincing as, say, Coty's animalic creation Wild Musk (can hear the tv ad now, "IT MUST BE THE MUUUUSK: COTY WIIIILD MUUUSK...IT MUST BE THE MUSK!")

Coty Musk for Men is a laid back, spicy-woody oriental with a scintilla of musk detectable to the senses. It's a reserved gentleman's musk scent that won't come across as too beastly, rather polite and restrained. Judging from the commercials I used to see of Coty Musk, it's a cologne that does its job well but not for the most obvious reason: The musk itself, per se.

I never had a cloying moment beholding the warm, spicy quality after-shave effect of Coty Musk for Men. Even today, if I didn't feel obliged to try one of the zillion options in my collection, CMfM can cover me without regrets.

This simple, basic and dependable scent is definitely a drugstore staple, so it's not impossible to check out without having to buy it. I still consider it a classic alongside favorites like Stetson Cologne, Royal Copenhagen, Old Spice, and other legendary scents.
24th August 2018

I like this stuff. A very basic male version of 'sweet'. Reminds me a little of Brut. Does NOT remind me of Canoe, which smells like cotton candy to me. Somewhat similar to Clubman, and and maybe less 'complex', but stronger and longer-lasting. Definitely not like Royal Copenhagen, which never did anything for me; neither did Jade East, as far as those 'types' of fragrances go. Also not like Jovan Musk for Men - also by Coty - which has some notes that I just don't like.
15th March 2016

I get an opening of citrus and lavender to form a barbershop talc powder note. A similar approach to Jade East, Brut, and Clubman but this powder note isn't as hefty. A dark/bittersweet oriental spice comes forward and colors the powder note a "dark brown". Musk is in the finish, but this creeps through the oriental spice for a dirtier and more manly result with killing the smoothness.

Musk for Men by Coty is a nice scent for daily wear even as rudimentary as it is. This one is one of the more manly musk scents out there. This one goes subtle within minutes but you can faintly detect it for 6-8 hours. A basic design and very light projection were the reasons it was one of the cheapest colognes in a drugstore.
17th February 2015
I saw a bottle of this at Wal-Mart today while shopping for groceries. I hadn't worn any fragrance today and figured I'd spritz some on. I'm really loving it! I stopped by my mom's before hitting home and she commented on it, saying it reminded her of the 70's and that she liked it. It DOES bring me back to the 70's when I'd get cologne sets for Christmas with soap on a rope and talcum powder sets.

It's definitely a one-noter. The one note is good. Sweet. Clean. Masculine...but in an old school way, not like today's 'masculine' which is metrosexual and fraught with androgyny. Nothing wrong with being 'metrosexual' at all. Don't get me wrong. This is just straight up 'guy getting a shave at the barber'. Something very charming about it however dated it is.

It's not lasting very long. I sprayed the one blast on at 1:30 and at 5:30 it's barely hanging in there. At less than $10 for a bottle, I'm going back later to pick up a bottle. It'll be great for after the gym.
15th October 2014
a formidable barbershop/talc as simple as it gets. very clean and fresh. nice on a day you want something simple and plain to put on. nice for milder weather..
20th January 2013
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