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Lorenzo Villoresi (1995)

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Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi

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Reviews of Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi

There are 29 reviews of Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi.

I feel like I have found what has long eluded me in Villoresi, a rose musk that is neither too musky nor too rosy, a great synergy happening here I've found in few fragrances (perhaps the now sadly discontinued Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme with its rose and leather).

The more I examine it on my skin, the more it moved toward masterpiece territory, its just so mesmerizing and dreamy to my nose.

My nose also detects geranium supporting the rose and a sheer dose of linalool (the rosewood?) softening and soothing, rounding it all off, and as it dries, a couple hours in, sandalwood crossfades with waning rose and what is left is a creamy, somewhat powdery skin scent with phantom wafts of rose.

A true delight. Cobalt blue was an excellent choice of color for the bottle, this somewhat smells like cobalt blue looks like...

Big blast of talcum powder on the opening(J&J, Zwistal). I don't know what Zwitsal and J&J use to scent their talcum powders but it must be more or less the same notes listed here. Patchouli seems to come in later. Maybe it's geranium. It's definitely white musk, not an animalic musk.

A boozy note then joins, reminds me of just a transparent hard liquor. Inoffensive, likeable. Fades away. The talcum powder vibe keeps the lead role, so the question is: do you wanna smell like that? I don't know myself. Maybe on a rare occasion yes.

Silken rose, expressed in a downy, powdery style with the added warmth and comfort of cardamom, sandal and vanilla. A classic floral oriental in many ways but without the heavy hips. I find the overall effect extremely soothing, an invitation to doze and dream. At first, musk, clean or otherwise, is not what this perfume seems to be about, but after a few hours a close-to-the skin muskiness begins to cloud it over, moving it in a decidedly more grown up, sensual direction.

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

White musk and a somewhat boozy galbanum open up this creation, with the drydown adding a light and fairly bright rose impression, which is mixed with the musk. At first I did not appreciate this phase very much, but with time and more generous application I discovered this combination to be quite a rich, well-balanced and nuanced mix.

A white musk develops, pleasant and, interestingly, this ine is not sweet and given a very discrete crisp-ish touch by a mossy undertone.

The later phase adds geranium, and a gently boozy character.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good and the longevity ten hours.

This is an agreeable light floral musk scent suitable for warmer autumn days; it is well-blended and the core concept is not without an original twist. 3.25/5.

This is a beautiful fragrance, dominated by musk and rose. None of the main notes are very strong, and there are other notes as well. All in all it is well blended and the rose-musk combo melts perfectly in human skin. I imagine this fragrance on a beautiful woman although it is labeled unisex.

This is like the kissing cousin of a musk scent. If you buy this because you love musks, you may be in for a surprise (as was I). A lemony combination of rose and geranium and sandalwood powder is the main show here with a botanical(?) musk of indeterminate type showing up about half way through. Oddly, I dislike most rose scents, but I don't mind this at all, which I'm guessing has to do with the leavening, undercutting effect of the geranium, and also the lovely sandalwood and oak moss base This scent is sprightly and refreshing at the top (even with its generous dollop of powder), beautifully aromatic and warm thanks to the sandalwood base, and so typically feminine-smelling that I would LOVE to smell it on a man--just for the piquant juxtaposition of rosey-sweetness on a male body.

I quite love this perfume, but I don't think of it as a musk, and neither should you--if you want to enjoy it.

Rose musk I think it is a heavy floral scent with medium muskyness, and some slight spicyness to it. Musk is the name of the fragrance, but in my opinion "Rose Musk" would be more appropiate. In the drydown the vanilla and amber is more dominant, giving the composition some sweetness. It is more on the feminine side, but I can imagine wearing this for a romantic evening, or a day when I am in a bright, poetic mood. I think Lorenzo Villoresi blended this in a more traditional manner. Sample before buy. I like it.Pros: Great qualityCons: A little too feminine"

It arrives with a statement that is far too powdery, floral, and sweet for me. However it evolves to something more woody and slightly pungent that is interesting and mysterious -- and thankfully less flowery. In some ways it is evocative of a woman's perfume of some decades ago. A lady might enjoy this and I might enjoy her for wearing it, but not on me.

I have to say that whether you like any particular scent, LV is always interesting and innovative... and worth checking out.

While Villoresi's Musk is far from what most would consider a musky fragrance, one must examine the sheer artistry and quality of ingredients. The opening and considerable parts of the heart are a soft yet persistent natural (and very expensive) Bulgarian rose absolute sharpened by galbanum and a slight spicy/earthy/fougere accord from the geranium. After about a half of an hour, the marvelous musk/oakmoss/sandalwood base emerges and lingers for some time. The base is not "musky," but rather powdery with wisps of tonquin musk.

Musk is a soft, yet substantial fragrance. Another reviewer compares it to the rich velvety fragrances of the 18th Century, but I think it is more in line with the rich, unctuous scents of Arabie popular in Victorian Europe at the end of the 19th Century like Hammam Bouquet. The strong rose accord could make this scent verge on the feminine, but it is not overly so. I do not smell the harsh synthetic accords of which other reviewers speak. The luxurious quality is beyond reproach. Bulgarian Rose Absolute tends to have a metallic property, which is what other may be detecting.

In one word : GHASTLY.As unfortunate as it does sound, this is the only Villoresi scent I truly detest. Unbelievably synthetic from the get-go, It almost chokes me in a vice grip of very intensely done powdery accords, which otherwise would've been enjoyable had then been less synthetic. A complete synth bomb from top to bottom.

Lorenzo Villoresi Musk opens with a sharp, aldehydic/synthetic, powdery floral blend with a heart of deep, dark, rose. To me, it's like a powdery floral, Oriental "Sherbet" done in a very old fashioned way(No. 88 and Penhaligons come to mind). The florals portrays a color in deep violets...i still can't shake the oriental sherbet association. as if it's some sort of refreshing elixir made to seduce. The opening accords are indeed very uplifting and strong, kinda sets the tone up for what's to follow. I'm typically attracted to powdery scents and this is what this scent has to offer in it's mid notes! glorious powdery notes begins to spread it's wings by mid notes with hints of spices and touch of rosewood. Throughout these progressions, this scent never comes of as a woody scent. Floral elements with a exotic touch of spices and woody notes. The powdery notes carry with it, musky undertones wafting to the surface as white smoke. it stays a little musty and powdery towards base evoking a residue like powdery musk note LV musk is not a everyday wear's a kind (imho) which would suit deep colored silk shirts, the one's typically worn to lounge/tech parties. This, also happens to be a perfect e.g. of a Unisex scent. would smell glorious/suave on a lady.

I got a decant of this about three years ago. I used it very moderately, and after two years when there was still plenty of it left, the juice had turned completely off. I stored it properly, off course, but still it had destroyed to totally unusable. It smelled absolutely awful in the end. *shivers*This has never happened to me with any other fragrance.I just thought this was worth sharing. I`m not saying it has a unnecessary tendency to turn off that quickly, but my advice is that you probably should use your bottle as soon as possible.The scent itself is a nice, subtle animalic musk.

If you enjoy powdery rose scents and remove the word 'Musk' from the mix, you may really enjoy this fragrance. It is definitely an ultra-feminine floral and a good one. For those who have dreamed of owning Crown Perfumery's Marechale Original, this is a somewhat cheapened distant relative. The rose component dressed in rich cardamom and galbanum receives a sparkling from something I can't identify. On the drydown, the most lovely powder emerges from soft samdal and musk. The house of Lorenzo Villoresi has really created a beautifully romantic and aristocratic 18th Century feel with Musk, a time of heavy brocades and velvets, powdered gloves, and gardens of deeply scented roses.

I had problems understanding this at first until I realized that I was getting a lot more wood and oakmoss than I was getting musk – I've got to stop believing these names. To my nose, the musk sort of skirts around the other notes, especially the sandalwood, oakmoss, rose, and geranium – and of those, especially the geranium. It's only later that the musk comes into its own and joins the rosy / powdery heart. The dominance of the geranium / rose of the middle gives the fragrance an old fashioned feeling, and I'm not sure the musk has anything to do with that. Not only do I view the heart accord as old fashioned, but I experience it as quite feminine, and I think that's caused by the musk. It's a well-done fragrance. It's refined with possibly an even tighter, more effective construction than many of the other Villoresi's. And it has the same three-dimensional visual-olfactory effect that I've admired in several of the other LV's. (Some day I'm going to pursue the reason why I actually visualize the olfactory construction of these LV fragrances.) But with LV Musk I can't find the love: possibly because I am not a huge fan of musks?

This is my sixth Villoresi scent and I find it to elegant, subtle and sophisticated as I have found all of his scents. This one is relatively simple with only ten named ingredients from the Villoresi house page:Top: Galbanum, Cardamom, BergamotMiddle: Geranium, RoseBase: Musk, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Rosewood, VanillaFor me it opens with a marvelous mix of rose and galbanum, which eventually drys down to an amber and vanilla mix. It is a very light musk, not at all heavy such as the Egyptian Musk Caswell uses in its Elixir No. 1, and is therefore not sensual. But it is a perfectly decent musk and for every day wear it is recommended.

Another winner from Lorezon Villoresi! I couldn't get over how beautiful and clean this scent is. I put it on my husband and found it amazingly powdery due to the oak moss, musk and sandalwood. I tried it on me and it was just a beautiful. It is the essence of romance and beauty.

The opening notes are upfligting with a rose, geranium and galbanum accord that is very warm and feels like old world fragrance magic. The initial impression is of Czech and Speake's No. 88. - Light. However, the C&S never leaves the rose patchouli note while the ruin of the LV Musk for me is the extremely sweet powdery drydown. It leaves the rose note behind and goes totally sweetness and amber. It is cloying and I really can not wear it. I don't know if its just my body chemistry or what, but whenever I encounter this combination of sandalwood, amber plus the powdery tonkan musk I become sort of allergic and can not wear it. Its sweet, strong, powdery - not really feminine - just not right for me at all. I suppose it could be worn at really light concentrations and the sweet powder would be less bother - but then its just the wrong smell. Oh well.

This is a "darling" scent, sweet, powdery, floral and very pretty. So gents, ignore the unisex appellation and just give it to your "darling" but buy the magnificcent LV Uomo for yourself.Thumbs up for females, down for guys leads to a neutral overall.Joe

At last! A Villoresi scent that I actually like. And I like this one a lot! I really don't consider it a true musk scent since the scent doesn't evolve around that one note at all. I consider this more of a floral oriental scent with a powdery drydown. To me, it's a borderline feminine scent in the same vein as SL Datura Noir but it's so good that I can't resist it. I have a hard time pinning down the notes since it's masterfully blended. It's just one of those scents that smell great. I must have a bottle of this wonderful juice now!

Greatly similar to SMN's Musk, only Villoresi's is stronger, lasts longer, and develops more. It's that semi-powdery, slightly sweet, almost dusty "musk" that I'm guessing comes from plants, as opposed to the musk I remember smelling as a child, stuff my dad and grandfather had lying around for hunting purposes (the MKK variety of muskiness). Maybe this dusty musky quality is created or augmented by the galbanum. Rose yes, but the base is more masculine than feminine in my opinion, and the rose here doesn't bother me in the least. Something about the scent also feels cold and stony, which gives it a cerebral, logical, and calculating feel. I always have this vision of myself as a hitman when I wear this, despite the notes that would suggest this should be a warm, comforting scent. Musk is a great scent, but potent, and I find, hard to wear, so go gently with that sprayer.

This stays powdery rose on me and it is my comfort scent at night. This could be a let down for people who buy it unsniffed because it is really not a musk scent.It reminds me of the top-note of Sweet Oriental Dream by Montale.

A very good scent. Starts out with a strong floral scent that is not overpoweringly sweet because of the creamy musk base. The scent fades into a warm inviting scent that is a must have. The best part is that it is lasting. 2 very very small daps on my wrist lasted over 6 hours noticeably.

Oh Renato (see below)...I wonder what happened? This is far and away my favorite of the Villoresi line and one of the best musk scents I own. The lavender and rose work wonders here and the sandalwood adds just the right touch in the base. A masterpeice.

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