Lorenzo Villoresi (1995)

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Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi

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Musk is a shared scent launched in 1995 by Lorenzo Villoresi

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Reviews of Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi

There are 29 reviews of Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi.

I feel like I have found what has long eluded me in Villoresi, a rose musk that is neither too musky nor too rosy, a great synergy happening here I've found in few fragrances (perhaps the now sadly discontinued Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme with its rose and leather).

The more I examine it on my skin, the more it moved toward masterpiece territory, its just so mesmerizing and dreamy to my nose.

My nose also detects geranium supporting the rose and a sheer dose of linalool (the rosewood?) softening and soothing, rounding it all off, and as it dries, a couple hours in, sandalwood crossfades with waning rose and what is left is a creamy, somewhat powdery skin scent with phantom wafts of rose.

A true delight. Cobalt blue was an excellent choice of color for the bottle, this somewhat smells like cobalt blue looks like...

Big blast of talcum powder on the opening(J&J, Zwistal). I don't know what Zwitsal and J&J use to scent their talcum powders but it must be more or less the same notes listed here. Patchouli seems to come in later. Maybe it's geranium. It's definitely white musk, not an animalic musk.

A boozy note then joins, reminds me of just a transparent hard liquor. Inoffensive, likeable. Fades away. The talcum powder vibe keeps the lead role, so the question is: do you wanna smell like that? I don't know myself. Maybe on a rare occasion yes.

Silken rose, expressed in a downy, powdery style with the added warmth and comfort of cardamom, sandal and vanilla. A classic floral oriental in many ways but without the heavy hips. I find the overall effect extremely soothing, an invitation to doze and dream. At first, musk, clean or otherwise, is not what this perfume seems to be about, but after a few hours a close-to-the skin muskiness begins to cloud it over, moving it in a decidedly more grown up, sensual direction.

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

White musk and a somewhat boozy galbanum open up this creation, with the drydown adding a light and fairly bright rose impression, which is mixed with the musk. At first I did not appreciate this phase very much, but with time and more generous application I discovered this combination to be quite a rich, well-balanced and nuanced mix.

A white musk develops, pleasant and, interestingly, this ine is not sweet and given a very discrete crisp-ish touch by a mossy undertone.

The later phase adds geranium, and a gently boozy character.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good and the longevity ten hours.

This is an agreeable light floral musk scent suitable for warmer autumn days; it is well-blended and the core concept is not without an original twist. 3.25/5.

This is a beautiful fragrance, dominated by musk and rose. None of the main notes are very strong, and there are other notes as well. All in all it is well blended and the rose-musk combo melts perfectly in human skin. I imagine this fragrance on a beautiful woman although it is labeled unisex.

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