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Musk au Chocolat by Duftkumpels

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Musk au Chocolat is a shared scent by Duftkumpels

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There are 3 reviews of Musk au Chocolat by Duftkumpels.

a very nice, deep attar. it is oilbased and very intense, so you need only a tiny drop to smell for a long time.
wonderful sandalwood base, musky, with tones of dark chocolate. very warm, sensual, almost sexy.perfect for cold days. unisex. it is a scent most people will feel comfortable with.
and it is worth the money, no cheap synthetics here, but the real natural stuff.

a wonderful warm scent. animalistic, but not intrusive. Deep and long-lasting on the skin. a fragrance for the evening for two I can recommend

I love this attar. I never tried an attar before, neither did I (as far as I know) a perfume with real musk. So: this was love at first sniff. It lends to gourmand, but it is not too sweet. There is good quality sandalwood in it and after an hour or so, the chocolate pops up. It is animalic and intimate.

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