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Santa Maria Novella

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Muschio / Musk by Santa Maria Novella

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Muschio / Musk is a shared scent by Santa Maria Novella

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Reviews of Muschio / Musk by Santa Maria Novella

There are 15 reviews of Muschio / Musk by Santa Maria Novella.

In my frenzy to try every musk fragrance in the known world, and after reading rapturous reviews mentioning extraordinary creaminess, butterscotch nuttiness, and old world relatives, I sent off for my very own sample and discovered...maple syrup and suntan lotion...but quite lovely maple syrup and suntan lotion, I admit.

I was slightly disappointed, it's true. But I think that those who love shy, slightly sweet, definitely creamy scents approximating a light, unassuming musk, will enjoy this SMN fragrance. Just because I am looking for something somewhat more growly and furry doesn't mean you are too.

Muschio on my skin is not as simple as one might think by the listed notes.
At first I get a sweet musk with an underlying nuttiness and I am pretty sure I can smell some vanilla,too.It's very beautiful and comforting.
After a while it smells earthy on me which I think must be the patch note.
I do not like this second phase as much as the first,but the scent is not so loud in the second phase so I am not annoyed by it.

It's quite a unique,true musk scent which doesn't resemble those that are sold in drugstores. I definitely recommend sampling on skin first.

Boo! I was looking forward to liking this one, but alas it smells only of maple syrup and has no development. I have difficulty describing this scent except for the syrup allusion. Perhaps there is orris root and anise?

Ordered a decant based on these reviews and boy was that a mistake. I don't get the powder - I don't get anything but the insistent cloy of a SMN frag. To me they smell vaguely all the same save a smattering of the top note in the particular name. No comparison to Lutens' Musc Koublai Kahn, imho. Sorry.

Ridiculously good. Rich, creamy, musky, evocative... I could go on and on. I could, but that would prevent me from sticking my nose up to my wrist and smelling this some more. You get the picture. Well worth your time and money.

The only pure musk frag in my collection. An almost edible affair, this -- very sweet at first, very creamy, very seductive. Timeless; unisex; damn near perfect.

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