Musc Tonkin 
Parfum d'Empire (2014)

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Musc Tonkin by Parfum d'Empire

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Previously launched as an Extrait de Parfum in 2012

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Reviews of Musc Tonkin by Parfum d'Empire

There are 14 reviews of Musc Tonkin by Parfum d'Empire.

As an animalic-lover of the first order, how on earth did I not experience this when it first came out? Well, I guess I'll be making up for lost time now.

In my particular dream-world, this is what ambergris smells like: briny and saline, but underpinned by the most divine mammalian odor possible. Here we have sun-ripened skin, a tiny bit of body odor, some gorgeously indolic florals (tuberose? ylang ylang?), and a completely furry, 3-D musk. There's a bit of something almost urine-like and a tiny smidgen metallic-seeming in the top notes, but it is all combined in such a way that none of these individual notes stand out on their own, unless you are sniffing in a second-by-second frenzy (as I am currently doing now). Overall, this simply smells gorgeous and oceanically sensual, like a beautiful mermaid's underwear.

Edit: Now that I've worn this for a few days, I've come to notice (and strongly dislike) the calone-like dry down Musc Tonkin leaves on my clothes. It isn't as noticeable on skin, but after an hour or two, my shirts definitely give off the odor of artificial melon. :-(

Uncomplicated. Musk. There is a distant wood and sugar spirit somewhere underneath. This is dry. Spartan. But then, a nuttiness appears. This never really gets all "animal" on me - no true skank. Safety, in a fragrance.

Woman Ironing by Pablo Picasso 1904

Note: Review is of the EdP, not the extrait version.

Musc Tonkin is an astonishingly tame musk perfume, insubstantial and forgettable. There is noticeable leather and a hint of florals, so much so that this could also pass off as a meek leather fragrance. On card as well as on skin there is no hint of anything animalic at all, and on skin it projects barely an inch, even after a generous application (approximately 1 ml). It's a tad musty, and brings to mind musky leathers of yesteryears (particularly Chanel's Cuir de Russie) but at one tenth volume and concentration.

Musc Tonkin pales in comparison to a well rounded musk fragrance like Muscs Koublaï Khan (which itself is not particularly animalic either ...), while there are several excellent musky leathers so that one need not bother with Musc Tonkin, which is possibly the weakest output from Parfum d'Empire that one has encountered.


A rather exotic grand tour through pretty much every possible kind of musk. It kicks off with galaxolide, the sexy 70's musk made famous by Jovan, with all of its powdery floral entrapments amplified by pinches of soapy white musk and whatever that plasticky musk is that reminds people of the smell of a rubber doll. There's also a well-tempered hint of civet poop underneath - just enough to give the perfect growl to the proceedings without ever crossing over into crass vulgarity.

Given time, the focus slides from the ornamented galaxolide to a deep suede, still flanked by musks, and with a pinch of cumin to provide that "growl" as the civet fades.

This is exceptionally well done. I'm kind of awestruck that they managed to combine so many complex musks so flawlessly. If you're a musk fan, you should add this to your must-try list, and I also think it would appeal to fans of more animalic leathers like Chanel's Cuir de Russie. It should be said that this will probably terrify people who don't like musks or lightly fecal perfumes, but for the initiated, this is wonderful.

Deep/rich/profound slightly flowery/powdery awesome muskiness...politely animalic and slightly erotic...a little goes a long way...a couple of sample dabs on the back of my hand is surrounding me with a musky aura...this is perfect for a close encounter with your better half...I can see myself using this also as a layering agent...just a slight spray or several dabs to add a little animalic musky touch to another fragrance...i love to experiment in the late hours with samples and layering...I can see myself doing a spritz of this on top of Salome or MAII...LOL...semi-linear, after all , this is all about musk...bottom line - if you like animalics and/or musk , do yourself a favor and treat your nose to a sample of this...also a big fan of MKK and I find this just as enjoyable, but just in a different way...

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