Musc Outreblanc 
Guerlain (2022)

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Musc Outreblanc by Guerlain

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Musc Outreblanc is a shared scent launched in 2022 by Guerlain

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Reviews of Musc Outreblanc by Guerlain

There are 5 reviews of Musc Outreblanc by Guerlain.

A musc that’s almost too white. So so so light, no performance at all. It’s so disappointing, nothing like your usual Guerlain.

Outreblanc could be translated as "beyond white" if it is, as it seems to be, a reference to "outrenoir" (beyond black), a word coined by the artist Pierre Soulages for his black monochrome paintings. Be that as it may, Outreblanc smells to me like a pleasant functional hygiene product: soft creaminess indicates perhaps a lotion rather than a soap or shampoo. It doesn't smell bad, but it is exceedingly boring. Why on earth would I want to fork out €295 to smell like lotion? It really is the fragrance equivalent of white noise.

Guerlain – Musc Outreblanc

Musk Beside White or Musk Outrageously White seem to be two possible translations of the name of this chemically derived new scent from the house of Guerlain.

In spite of the note tree, all I get is the impression of a slightly reedy, generic laundry dryer sheet, the ones called “white linen” or “fresh breeze,” and which resemble neither so much as bland chemical cheapie scents purchased for pennies at the local department store. I find the so called “white musk” scent to be remarkably dull and uninteresting and wonder why it is so prolifically used in modern perfumery.

It resembles dozens of others like it which I have experienced in the past and is for me not of the slightest interest.

To be fair, my husband finds it to be a very nice soft orange tinged splash, more geared toward a man than a woman, a rich but gentle, bright white floral with a citrus base, reminiscent of Trumper’s eau de colognes.

I woud give it a thumbs down, but in all fairness with my husband’s reaction, I am modifying it to a neutral vote.

From a sample received with a recent purchase from Guerlain: no, not for me. Can’t imagine this as a unisex. Comes on like bright floral hairspray. The dry down reminds me of an abrasive white floral fragrance that a former coworker doused herself in, either Lancôme or Clinique. Not what I think of when I ponder Guerlain’s rich heritage. Couldn’t scrub it off my skin fast enough. I’m sure this works for women who want to smell like bright, floral, chemical cleaning products. This review is written more for men who are pondering Musc Outreblanc as a possible unisex option. Don’t do it. Definitely not worth its current $300+ price point, especially when you can enjoy Guerlain’s excellent Legendaires fragrances at roughly 1/3 the price.

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