Musc Intense 
Nicolaï (2012)

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Reviews of Musc Intense by Nicolaï

There are 7 reviews of Musc Intense by Nicolaï.

Too sweet, too synthetic. Plastic undertone. Scrubbed.
Jan 21, 2019

This house makes some nice perfume. I do smell pear. It's blended into a classic-smelling accord, quite delicious and alluring.

After pear, which is almost a boozy, eau de vie (clear brandy)-type pear, sandalwood seems to be the most assertive of the listed notes.
Apr 20, 2018

The name of this composition is possibly confusing, as the musk remains in the background throughout, and, at least on my skin, is more light and restrained than in any way intense.

Nevertheless, there is this very light white musk, synthetic of course, but not unpleasantly so, and also a bright musk it is. So the first word in the name is not put there without some justification.

The central experience here, however, is that if a floral drydown. Central is the rose, a lovely, quite natural sommer rose that is more on the bright side whilst not at all being a lightweight note. This rose co-operates nicely with a gentle violet, which is accompanied by a white carnation and, in the backgound, whiffs of oleander and jasmine. For the last 2/3 of the development the white musk is merely the canvas on which the white floral bouquet is displayed.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and a decent eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A white light and elegant floral spring creation with a thin gossamer-like layer of light white musk delicately spread over it. Pleasant, but nothing exceptional. The rose - just - pushes it across the line into thumbs-up territory. 3/5.
Jan 4, 2017

The very opening of Musc Intense is closer to a pear & peach ice cream than to musk, but it is not bad: it is as slightly tacky as quite vibrant, uplifting and rich. There is some really sophisticated whiff of tea-infused rose that tames down the sugary-fruity core blend and brings Musc Intense far enough from a “teen gourmand”, and more closer to a “classy delicate rose with fruits and vanillic musk unnecessarily acting as a teen gourmand”. Still quite sweet, mostly because of pear (and/or peach?) and just this close to a bubblegum, but also fresh, tart and elegant. It smells like an odd combination of a vintage floral like L'arte di Gucci, with a shabby fruity-lollipop gourmand. As for musk, well, I wouldn't consider this a musky scent for sure, as musk seems here just providing a generic smooth soapy base accord emerging better on the drydown (which is finally drier, dustier, “muskier” indeed – but also lighter). Pear, violet and rose seem way more prominent to me. Still a bit juvenile especially for the fruity notes, but fun, decent and even somehow refined overall.

Aug 8, 2015

A Great Masculine Rose As the third review... I can see that we all agree that this is beautiful, but see it in different lights. One as a detergent-like musc, another as COLD white flowers, and then me... feeling far more ROSE than musc with an added creamy warmth that is all-enveloping on the skin. Granted, I like about everything this woman creates, and because there are so many sizes available, it is easy to sample (referring to the 30ml sizes at reasonable prices) and appreciate many variations on the Nicolaide that I can generally recognize. This one doesn´t smell so much like PdN, however. Nowhere is the freshness of her noteworthy CITRUS, or the pastry-like quality of her many takes on VANILLA and TONKA. Most of these carry a wonderful spiciness or floral quality that feels more wildflower/countryside than deep petal oil. But, with this one the wildflowers are absent and a certain formality takes over. Essentially , I think this is her best ROSE. I find it dark and warm - not wet, not cool, not brightly projecting its sweetness. I don´t do much rose, but feel that this is a great masculine rose, approaching the richness of an Amouage. MUSC INTENSE carries the distinction and almond-like buttery smoothness of NEW YORK, and comes highly recommended to rose and musc-lovers alike.Pros: Creamy, Sensual, DistinguishedCons: Wait for it... wait for it.... (the dry down trumps the opening)
May 30, 2013

Musc intense is all about musk, it starts as synthetic as it only can be but still very beautiful, its like the finest detergent you can find but creamier and nicer then you have tried so far, it does smell familiar, but only because you can smell the musk

Drydown is gorgeous, its very long lasting and feminine scent, and becomes better and better, after 2 days synthetic feel to it is gone and it smells almost with animalic wibe to it, its sensual and rich and warm, colour: white! Harmonious simplicity done in a distinguished way....

Feb 9, 2013

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