Musc for Her 
Narciso Rodriguez (2007)

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Musc for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

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Musc for Her is a women's perfume launched in 2007 by Narciso Rodriguez

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Reviews of Musc for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

There are 8 reviews of Musc for Her by Narciso Rodriguez.

A sort of stale, citrus opening. Dirty, ambery musk. Honeyed vanilla and osmanthus, with its touch of apricot characteristics. Thin strands of vetiver and woods. MFH is odd, in a good way.

Eventually it seems that all the notes settle, marry. Musky? Most definitely. A sweetness like sugar hovers like a fog. On the skin, some green and fruit. I like this one - it has a bit "more" than some other NR scents I've had... After time, it all blurs into a mellow musk.

This review is for the Musc Oil:

This is what I love: years ago, there was a store called Garden Botanika (I believe that was the name), and they had the most amazing scent station where you could compose your own fragrance. I spent endless hours, many days playing with the oils and making bottles. I loved "Egyptian Musk" and several others, and it is no wonder that I should also enjoy this scent as well. It is very soft on my skin - a skinscent for certain. It is light, lovely and non-offensive. Easy to wear.

This is what I don't love: I may easily get bored with this because it is so "simple". I typically like a bit of teeth to my scents, but this is just really pretty.

Conclusion: I am very happy that I own about 3 ml of this in the oil. I enjoy it for both the memories as well as an evening/bedtime scent. I recommend it for anyone looking for something soft and gentle and highly wearable.

The name is correct: this is a white musk - infused floral scent. The floral notes are a pleasant ylang-ylang jasmin, and are nicely done. The white musk is clean, fresh and bright.

Later on I get a very mild vanilla with a honeyed accent, and at times a whiff of amber. The generally clean and bright character remains until the end.

The sillage is extremely poor, as is the projection - this is truly a skin scent and very discrete and restrained in any aspect. I get six hours of longevity. A great office spring daytime fragrance composed of notes that are a touch devoid of originality, but very wearable. 2.75/5.

Wow, I've heard about some people being anosmic with the larger molecules of musc notes. I didn't think I was before. But I honestly couldn't smell this fragrance. I would occasionally get whiffs and it did come across as most reviewers described - soft, gentle, clean, nice. But most of the time there was nothing. I tried the oil version, which may be the problem. Every once in a while I have difficulty smelling oil formulations, as if the oil molecule envelops and surrounds more delicate fragrances, not letting them breath. I'll try another formulation before I give up on this one. I notice the oil version has been discontinued. Maybe there's a reason for that...

I love this scent. It's like a light Egyptian Musk and the fragrance lasts a long time.

The perfect, clean-woman scent. If you're trying to make a statement and/or have your scent announce your presence before you walk in the door, this is not the scent for you. However if you want a subtle, gentle, my-skin-but-better scent, this is it! You have to try it on skin, smelling it on paper doesn't do it any justice.

The florals are restrained and subtle, the musk clean and non-animalic. I don't get the fake/metallic note I got in the normal NR For Her EDT, thankfully, as that was the only bit about the scent that prevented me from loving it. Sillage is very close, but this is an aura scent, not a nose-grabber. I actually don't spray this in the traditional wrist/inner elbow/cleavage areas, but just a quick small spritz under the arms (I use odorless deodorant). The heat from your armpits warms the scent and makes it more of a clean natural scent rather than "oh HAI I'm wearing perfume!". Would be perfect for corporate environments where typical perfumes are frowned upon.

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