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    • ylang ylang, white musk

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Somewhat gourmand in style with well-mixed ylang ylang, almond, Tonka bean, and amber. floral and powdery. Dry. Light. Mellow musk base. Doesn't last very long.
23rd September 2018
Reminiscense - Musc
For something that comes from Reminiscense and smells so chemical, its not all that bad. Not a perfume with a clear and trapless moving structure, but for Musc that's not a big problem – I guess it suppose to smell rowdy and bumpy. I like Musc because it smells simple and doesn't has a ton of tricks upon its sleeve; no surprises - just a soft, sweetened milky-soapy, vanillin-floral and bitter-almond musk with a gritty and dirty oil-like note that grows in strength and soft- and powderness. This is more a scent for young girls trying to find their way out of puberty, making the step to become a grown-up - Musc radiates that same curious and buoyant feeling of finding out about life. It smells a bit too candylike(bubblegum)-cheapish to make this fit on an adult.
It opens with praline, bitter almond and the smell of Dreft green washing-liquid and turns to a more of a bitter-amber note, ylang/white floral with geraniol/limonene etc, and ends in a sweet and bitter lactone gourmand-musk with puffs of sandalwood/iris, in a blast of vanillin, that gets a somewhat harsh and sharp edge to it - typical for perfumes of R'scense in my opinion.
I imagine this as a can of Axe Africa that accidently has been dropped in the gorilla-habitat of a zoo - the stinky animals trying to find out what it is, spraying each other, filling the air with a mix of the deodorant-smell and the brutal animalic stink of the apes. Musc would fit perfectly well under the smelly armpit of a gorilla...
17th May 2014

I unexpectedly found Musc in Sephora in Calais on my way home from a French holiday several years ago. It was a meeting that was obviously meant to be.

Musc by Remeniscence is a beautiful light (but not quite white) musk scent, it's more sheer than white, and is complimented by the ylang-ylang top note (a note I detest on its own, but is *wonderful* in this scent).

The ylang is sweetened by almond, vanilla and benzoin (three of my favourite notes) and the musk becomes more musky for a couple of hours and the combination is utterly beautiful. However the scent is not at all long lived, and after applying liberally in the morning, can hardly be smelled by mid-afternoon which is a real shame as the dry-down is stunning, sheer, dry and warm, but totally not powdery.

What surprises me is that few people know of this scent - I can't believe that I'm the first person to write a review!
22nd June 2011