Liturgical incense and tangles of gnarled fir boughs. (formerly known as Incense & Fir, the working title)

Parfum extrait+ compounded at 34%.

Murkwood fragrance notes

    • fir balsam, black hemlock, lapsang suchong, moss, incense, myrhh

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Beware. It's sticky all day long and stains your clothes

That being said I love the scent. Yes it's a dark coniferous scent as the name implies.
I will probably finish out this small bottle and not repurchase though because of the stickiness and the staining.
18th May 2022
Murkwood appeared to be my favourite conifer fragrance of all time. It's dark, mysterious, but in the same time smoky.

Murkwood is THE dark forest scent for me. Very dark green, almost pitch black. It hides a mystery deep down inside.

As far as the scent goes it smells exactly the way I imagined myself and wanted how could possibly Norne from Slumberhouse smell like. A dark, dense forest right after the storm. Some of the trees were hit by thunder and they broke. From a longer distance you sense the traces of humans and the fireside they made to warm up their chilled to the bone bodies. A fireside with a lot of pine inside it, all burning. That's how Murkwood smells on my skin.

Just like Slumberhouse's Norne, Murkwood marks stains on clothes - the difference is in colour (Murkwood leaves grey-black stains and Norne leaves very dark green stains). Also - spraying it on the skin marks stains which actually dissapear after 12 hours or so.

Longevity is around 13-14 hours on my skin. Sillage is big within first 3 hours, then the scent slowly sticks to the skin.

I truly loved it, right away.
19th January 2022

to the thumbs down review above. Wow, can't smell after 30 minutes? Go into an elevator and turn and look at the others on-board (OK, this is a pre-COVID reference, but work with me here). I would say they'd be able to smell it, along with all the other Pineward fragrances.

I'm not trying to attack or dismiss here, but I just wanted to add my $0.02 here. Longevity is mind-boggling (days, on my clothes), sillage is quite good (which is a problem for me as I work in the service industry, and there may be people on this earth who for some bizarre reason don't like pine), and I can't knock the cost given that this (these) fragrance(s) are I believe nuclear-powered. Love Love LOVE Pineward. A scent for the masses! (and "F" **umberhouse: I don't have neither the time nor the energy to chase down fragrances)
21st November 2021
Sampling Pineward Perfumes Murkwood, another dark, brooding, woody entry from this house of seemingly many such options. There are some similarities to the dark spicy pine resin aspect of Fanghorn II, but Murkwood has a funkier animalic quality to it. Listed notes are fir balsam, black hemlock, lapsang suchong, moss, incense, bitter myrrh. There’s a vague damp, dank, mossy quality to it that is more prominent than in some other offerings in the house or contemporary fragrances of a similar ilk.

Whereas Fanghorn II brings to mind other entries like Dasein Winter Nights and Slumberhouse Norne, Murkwood has a more distinct character, something even dirtier, grittier, more boundary-pushing. I quite like it, overall, like the other entries, and I’m thinking more and more that I’ll need to do some side by side comparisons between some of these after I’ve sampled them all.

Pricing is standard for the line, $135/80 for 37/17ml, not by any means cheap but this is an interesting fragrance, and while my tastes are a little more suited to Boreal or Fanghorn II, Murkwood is more unique while similarly being dense and strong.

8 out of 10
21st October 2021
Listed notes:
Balsam Fir, Black hemlock, incense, myrrh, lapsang souchong tea , moss

On initial sniff, not obnoxiously blasting quite intimate

The sweetness from within nature, resins from fresh tree sap
Smokey but not burning
Tea is noticeable but not the type the average person knows off the nose
the teas nature adds to the smokiness

underlying bitterness from oakmoss adds to the fragrance grounding it in reality, altogether adding to the picturing of a murk foggy forest there are no dreams here.

7/10 good but not a love for me but in the buy tier

performance, projection, sillage have no bearing on point ranks
3word break down TLDR: Murk Mysterious Foggy
5th October 2021
Fantastic pine forrest scent! Holds its own against any pine scent I've ever came across, even the mythical Norne. Really love this one!!!
23rd July 2021
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