Mûre et Musc Extrême fragrance notes

    • orange blossom leaf, blackberry, red berries, musks

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My review is for the EDP. My bottle is a miniature, it's part of the L'Artisan Parfumeur set, and I bought it new about a year ago.

Mure et Musc smells exactly like Ivory Soap Flakes. Pure, white, fluffy flakes. A big bowl of blackberry jam is somehow underneath it all. You didn't know you wanted to smell like blackberries and soap flakes but trust me, you do, you really do.

I'm still not entirely sure what a "musk" note is. I picture a Musk Ox. Whatever it is, though, Mure et Musc smells fantastic.

Even though the blackberry note is strong, it's balanced by the fluffy soap smell, so this isn't a gourmand. It should be safe for work, but I don't think it should be worn if you're going camping. It may attract bears.
10th March 2021
Many perfumes have a notional pyramid shape but this one is like a wedge.
The thin end is the blackberry note at the top. And then, as it goes, the profile widens out with spices, woods, musks, praline and moss; and a note of indole, which becomes green orange-flower leaves and not the petitgrain I'd imagined.

These novelties give some passing interest, and the drydown is nice on bare skin, but on the whole I find it a bit chemical, and a bit clunky at times.

To me, it recalls the poster drawn by El Lissitzky, Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (Klinom Krasnim if you want to search it) and this sharp fruity amber is l'Artisan's Red Wedge, except it smells purple.
11th December 2020

Mûre et musc and mûre et musc extrême are very similar (more similar then eau d'ambre and eau d'ambre extrême from the same house, for example). The opening of the normal version is stronger, generally greener (like a plant liquor) and goes slowly towards the blackberry. The extreme version is a diesel. It's darker, evolving to something strong, still green but slightly sweeter. If I had to judge, I'd put mûre et musc in the male category and mûre et musc extrême in the female one.
Edit to add performances are very bad this fall...
1st February 2019
A pleasant sweet blackberry smell but it is quite powerful. It lasts for ages on the skin, it was still there after a shower. My main issue is with it being billed as unisex. It's much too feminine for a man to wear unless wanting to advertise femininity. Not something I can wear to work without getting "are you wearing perfume?" type remarks.
20th May 2018
Young Girl with Peonies by Alexej von Jawlensky · 1909
4th August 2017
Do you like blackberries or not? This one is just bursting with the stuff, with a small airiness that keeps the body from feeling too jammy, and a musky bottom a bit like leather to tether that sweetness. Certainly not my bag but a good performer for fans of simple scents.
3rd January 2016
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