Muguet Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lily of the valley
  • Heart

    • lily of the valley, rose, lotus
  • Base

    • jasmine

Latest Reviews of Muguet Eau de Parfum

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Imagine sitting inside a heated house, snow blizzard outside, and sniffing this elegant spring flower and dreaming of the more gentle season. This is a deep, rich floral fragrance and nothing like the sweet concoctions of today. It reminds me type of fragrances like Chance Au Tendre, Vera Wang Princes. It is whimsical, but grounded. sparkling, but austere. Come-hither, and independent.

It opens with an interestingly soapy/ green feeling, but there is nothing sharp about it. It is almost creamy, but still decidedly green. Within a few minutes, this blooms into a big golden-tinted lily of the valley bomb. It is rounded and sunny and a little dense not airy/watery at all. The golden lily of the valley continues all the way and is joined by a very smooth, gentle, soapy softness. Like walking through a forest with lilies of the valley in bloom. Even it's perfect for spring, it's ethereal character works well in winter when the air is crisp and cold. every lily of the valley fan should have this.
20th April 2021
Fresh, white flowers in the opening, but not the stinky kind. This is very pleasant. The drydown reminds me of expensive hand soap. It's soapy, clean and powdery. I'd be happy smelling this on my wife.

It seems like a nice warm-weather scent since it's not heavy. Projection isn't huge but it is easily smelled throughout the wearing. In fact, it's better in the air than smelled right up on the skin. Seems to last most of the workday.
3rd January 2020