Muguet fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lily of the valley
  • Heart

    • lilac, green notes, jasmine, rose
  • Base

    • sandalwood

Latest Reviews of Muguet

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I think this is one of the best in Molinard's current lineup, a great cheap thrill.

As others have noted, it has a surprising amount of longevity and presence from a floral eau de toilette. Lily of the Valley is what you get - it does read like a soliflore - though I find that it develops a kind of warmth and honeyed sweetness on skin that may be coming from a wee bit of lilac. Relatively speaking, LOTV scents are usually crisper and chillier on me, and can even go shrill, so I'm extra grateful for this choice.

16th February 2015
I previously used Diorissimo, to 'get' what lily of the valley smells like (since here in Miami, it's not very popular). Muguet by Molinard is different, from the Dior, from the first spray.Sturdier, much greener - the top notes evoke a stem prominent floral accord (not dirty, but leafy) and a residual citrus tang (lemon) that balances out the green notes and keeps it from smelling too soapy. I say soapy, because that is the overall effect one gets from lily of the valley scents: mostly because so many popular soaps and detergents are scented with lily of the valley fragrances. So the soap=lily of the valley connection is easy to make.The scent is extremely linear, after its initial green-ness, the only slight evolution is a honeyed effect of the florals. The dry down is a light musky wood.Longevity is fantastic - it lasts more than 4-5 hours from only a few sprays.This is NOT my favorite type of fragrance category, but nonetheless I'm intrigued by it and would easily recommend it for someone looking for a clean, crisp and unisex lily of the valley scent.
1st June 2009

In my view, muguet's a hard one to get right. In my earlier life I lived in Coty's version which I remember as being vibrant and quite green. This Molinard is creamy and treads lightly - like the fragrance wafting up from the bottom of the garden where the pretty white bells shimmer in shadowed green. Just lovely - and with surprising longevity.
20th April 2009