Mr. Hulot's Holiday 
CB I Hate Perfume (2005)

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The salty breath of the breeze off the Mediterranean, driftwood, rocks covered with seaweed and the smell of old leather suitcases.

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Reviews of Mr. Hulot's Holiday by CB I Hate Perfume

There are 13 reviews of Mr. Hulot's Holiday by CB I Hate Perfume.

A bright, green Fairly Liquid dishwashing soap kind of scent. It borrows some of the oceanic notes of scents like At The Beach but it strips away much of that scent’s nuance. "Calone without the headache," but there’s not much else to this one. It’s aerated and crisp, but largely characterless and becomes a mere whisper within minutes. This would be a great (albeit expensive) post-workout spritzer, but I get none of the intended effect of suitcases, algae etc. There’s something plastic-y lurking around in there, but that might just be coming from the dabber in the sample vial. That’s how faint this scent is.

Despite how underperforming many of the scents in this line are (by design), I really appreciate the aesthetic. You just have to go into sampling CBIHP knowing that you're going to get something very different from standard perfume. He's the master of realism and subtlety, and that’s exemplified here.
Nov 23, 2014

Quite a bit of suntan lotion and salt overall, but not too overpowering and with a nice natural "clean" scent. Very nostalgic experience for me as well. If you've ever enjoyed a vacation at the beach, this will send those memories flooding back.

As is typical with most CB frags, this doesn't last very long at all... 3-4 hours at the most. However, it is a wonderful experience and I would love to have this in my collection.
Mar 12, 2013

Like Fairy liquid seeping through a brown paper bag. Wonderful!
Nov 11, 2011

Such a great concept, but such a strange fragrance.

This seems nothing like the other reviews I've read. I don't get airy, breezy, ocean, East Coast, leather suitcase. It starts out smelling a little like suntan lotion, moves into a long plastic phase, and then turns faintly plastic with basil on a slice of pizza.

I tried this on the same day (different arm) as L'Eau Serge Lutens and I must say they are not miles apart, though the Lutens is stronger with far more sillage and longevity.

Too bad. I was hoping CB I Hate Perfume's water fragrances would be more natural, but from my first experience this smells synthetic.
Jul 30, 2011

CB is surely a funny brand. I like their visionary concept, I like their descriptions and love the perfume absolute bottle and packaging but very often I don't like very much their scents. Inconsistent and fresh in a very ordinary way. Mr. Hulot's Holyday is ok but nothing special, really. No old suitcase, sorry :(
Mar 5, 2011

This has replaced Comme des Garçons Odeur 53 as my favorite "anti-perfume." Don't get me wrong--look at my wardrobe and you will see that I like a good old stuffy Guerlain as much as the next guy, but there are times when I'm looking for a vacation and I want something simple, clean, attractive and untaxing to the nose.Mr. Hulot's Holiday (Water Perfume) is a familiar, warm-yet-cool, relaxing getaway to innocence. Don't spray it on and start looking for the leather suitcases, driftwood, etc. like you're checking items off a grocery list--just put in on, close your eyes and let your mind drift...It does smell like the ocean, but it's not a rough, foreboding chop of waves; it's a warm, salty embrace on a secluded beach under a gray overcast sky. A cool breeze blows over you every few minutes giving you a few goosebumps. There's a soapy component to it, but it feels so natural and a part of your own skin. Very peaceful and serene.I've found the longevity to be very good with this also. The sillage is not extreme, but then I'm not one of those people who like their fragances to shout; it does exactly the job it's given. I was a bit taken aback by the alcohol-free water perfume at first, but I came to realize that sometimes the alcohol can interfere with the topnotes-- and the water perfume actually feels really good when you spray it on skin; it's mild and doesn't feel astringent. Also, I've found that this is one scent that does not irritate my sinus allergies; some scents give me a stuffy nose, but this one doesn't. I remember some of the Demeter scents being a bit flat and having little development-- this one is very high quality and while it may seem a bit linear, it's well made and sticks around for a long time.If you're looking for something relaxing, clean and unlike anything mass-market, Mr. Hulot's Holiday is something you must try,
Mar 4, 2010

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