Mr. Burberry fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, tarragon, cardamom
  • Heart

    • birch leaf, nutmeg, cedarwood
  • Base

    • sandalwood, vetiver, guaiac wood

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I am alittle perplexed. The notes listed on basenotes does not have spearmint listed as one of the notes? This thing has a great spearmint vibe that I love. Great performance, great longevity, and easy all around day fragrance. I actually wear this to church every Sunday. I find it works perfect for it.
13th February 2022
Eau de Mall

I like this one. It has the basic mens fragrance dna that is not sweet. Sort of the same vein as Gucci Guilty line. Boring, sure. Generic, I guess. But that is a trope that is well traveled for a reason. This is something that everyone can wear, it will always smell good. Its aromatic and masculine. Another from Kurkdjian that does clean and aromatic well. The base is a little thin, and it may not have the legs that some others have, but that is a positive for me. A lot of times that distance to the finish the fragrance is carried by some ugly smelling chemicals, that I do not detect here in high doses. I'm going to give this one a thumbs up. I think this is a super solid entry, though it will be breaking no ground.
17th February 2021

My second-ever scent, after Bottega Veneta Pour Homme. I bought it as something less distracting, and that's exactly what it is. Basic, and very close to boring, but with enough roundness that it doesn't feel hollow or cheap.

No-one will ask you what you're wearing, but you'll still stand out from among people who wouldn't be asked.

It's exactly what I wanted, which is to say, nothing special.
10th February 2021
I am amazed that momentum is building behind the notion that this is generic and even “blue”. Certainly there is a barbershoppy accord running through it which gives a retro men's aftershave vibe that many will be familiar with, but initially it's difficult to make this association to the past because of the surrounding notes. So yeah it may have a generic feel...if this were the 70s or 80s when men were more accustomed to wearing drugstore aftershaves yet still smelled great. I really enjoy this, I think Francis Kurkdjian did a great job of reimagining a British gentleman's fragrance. Mr Burberry has a combination of strong herbal elements (Tarragon and mint in high volume) with some icy cold green leafyness and woody notes that resemble twigs being crunched while trekking through a forest on a cold foggy morning. The performance is 8 hours for me and it has a lovely development. It transitions from bracing freshness to sharp twig-like woods against a barbershoppy accord and then all the edges gradually wear away and finish up smooth and pillowy. Apply liberally and enjoy.
27th September 2020
A typical male fragrance which smells fresh but very average and basic. I'd classify it as blue.
27th January 2020
Mr. Burberry is a basicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc*****WHOA! I'm sorry, I actually fell asleep writing about this stuff. It's that boring! What I meant to say is, Mr. Burberry is a basic and bland woody citrus fragrance that is safe beyond what I thought possible and despite sampling it on at least 5 different occasions I still can't tell you what it smells like exactly because it's just that vague. I get a ho-hum synthetic citrus note followed by some flat, nondescript woods. And if anything interesting comes after that I'm sorry, but it's already lost my attention and I never even make it past the one hour mark. If Mr. Burberry is a person he is married to a dutiful yet detached wife, has 1.5 average, kind of unattractive kids, drives a used beige Toyota Camry to work for a meaningless company where he files meaningless data into black and white boxes on a computer screen all day, returns home at 5 o'clock, eats a dinner of boiled chicken and lettuce, watches the 6 o'clock news, performs one hour of cardio on the elliptical he has parked in the living room and then utters, "goodnight honey" before he goes to sleep with approximately 2 feet of space between him and his wife...and then he wakes up at 7 o'clock and does it all over again. I thought Bvlgari Man was kind of boring, but at least Bvlgari does it the right way--the citrus has some sparkle and the wood has some backbone. Mr. Burberry is like a shell of Bvlgari Man...or something like that. It's been done before, but at the same time it's such a tired theme you probably can't even remember by whom. It even smells boring on the little paper strip in the magazine, and surprisingly accurate. Trust me, just leave it there. You won't be missing out.
13th August 2019
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