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Zoologist Perfumes (2018)

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Zoologist Perfumes
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At first encounter, the rich, gothic scent of Zoologist Moth may surprise but soon it hypnotizes. A heavy dose of dark spices jolts your senses before settling into a dusting of honey-sweet rose and powdery florals. Slowly, it tests its wings, taking flight on an exotic journey of nagarmotha, guaiac wood and patchouli. Beneath it all lingers a smoky undertone that serves as a constant reminder of the danger within the tantalizing flame.

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Reviews of Moth by Zoologist Perfumes

I really don't know how this was done, what black magic was used, but this is exactly how a moth should smell like. This is light and a bit powdery, sweet and floral, but this is a night creature. It has Oud and patchouli, rose, and resins. This is mysterious and dark despite it's delicacy.
Dec 8, 2020

At first sniff, Moth and Bee seem like the yin and yang of the bug world. Both are dry and dusty. But whereas Bee is sunshine and sweetness, Moth is spices, smoke and skank.

I was kind of at unease with my first sniff. Someone at the shop described it as beating all the dust out of an old Victorian dress, and mixing it with honey. It was dusty and smoky for sure, but there was also something sharp and unpleasant dominating the profile. It may have been the oud, which can be hit or miss for me. It vaguely reminded me of the burning plastic smell of some of Montale's more hefty ouds. That sharpness kicks around for about the first hour, particularly strongly on my wrists.

Then things start to open up, and Moth becomes less of an opposite to Bee, and more of a sibling. Honeyed florals warm up and sweeten the whole affair. What was once a harsh abrasive scent becomes much more pleasant. Is it worth sitting through an hour of grossness to get to? Maybe. At least just to try. But IMO everything that this does well, Bee does better.
Jan 23, 2020

Zoologist – Moth

The Oud and Guaiac woods are the first to emerge with their skanky, astringent aromas (I loathe both of these woods, fyi). The musk and civet try to soften the effect and almost, but not quite, manage to do so. At least they provide a certain sweetness to counteract the dry, bitter and acrid wood notes.

The floral mélange, lurking in the wings, takes tentative steps to tip toe on stage, but these woods will not relinquish the spot light. I only get echoes of their existence.

Alas, this is for me a scrubber as are practically all oud and guaiac wood-dominated scents. I simply detest them and when they dominate, they conquer. Sad that the perfumer here poured on 23 different notes, only to have these two swallow the rest.

A very resonant negative from me.
Jul 12, 2019

Gothic is Zoologist’s claim for this fragrance and gothic it sure is. Dark, heavy, and with an intensity of feeling expressed by its honeyed florals that may not be for everyone. The opening is one of those ‘wait for it to settle’ affairs – discordant, and if one were to identify a main theme, it would be smelling mainly of a petroleum oud. But soon enough it begins to relax and a rich, embellished floral begins to open its wings, quite animalic what with the beeswax languor of honey and the funk of the oud, but also with a sweaty dab of cumin lurking in its depths. I would say that if this perfume has an antecedent it’s Amouage’s Gold Man: it is similarly deep, layered and animalic, shares a strong glug of jasmine, and has an unctuousness and sheen to it that seems addictive to some wearers and off-putting to others. Where they depart – apart from different notes – is in intention: Gold is a sunburst, Moth is the smouldering passion of a dark star. With lovely smoky effects and fatty ambergris lingering in the background, it’s the perfect accompaniment to skulking around in the shadows and playing out queen/lord/ruler of the night fantasies.
Apr 9, 2019

Gasoline and creosote accord with the first sprays. Love that! Outrageous blend of pepper, cinnamon, clove, touch of cumin, lemon, and nutmeg. A moth to a flame, indeed! All this intensity backs off, exposing heliotrope. A slight bit of old rose. Then I smell jasmine and mimosa. The middle is definitely a floral thing.
The base Is honeyed, lightly wooded, musky, and smoky. Patchouli isn't overbearing. Sweet - hours later, as in amber and something else. One of my ultra faves from this house.
Oct 20, 2018

This is a POWERFul fragrance. Its projection is huge. It has a very incense and oud on its initial application and then as it dries down the powdery florals come to light. However, it is a challenging fragrance and certainly not an everyday wear at the office affair. To strong of an application and you will smell like a gothic library.
Jun 15, 2018

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