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Moss Breches fragrance notes

    • Woods, Warm spice, Beeswax absolute, Moroccan clary sage, Hungarian tarragon, Corsican rosemary, Labdanum, Patchouli, Benzoin

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Herbal green, earthy, and spicy opening that slows gets smothered by honeyed beeswax as it develops. A bold and avant-garde creation, just like the entire original lineup.
27th May 2022
Wow...I really love this one. An amazing honey note mixed with oakmoss. A unique and wonderful combination in my opinion. I feel like I need to keep this one around in my wardrobe for as long as I can find it. Two thumbs way up!
6th November 2019

Moss Breches is an aromatic, woody, balsamic spice and moss creation by Tom Ford (discontinued, alas).

Stimulating, sensual, with a whiff of nostalgia pointing to loud men's fougere scents of years past. As such, it is full of rich, expressive elements from head to base, with a veritable spice cabinet onslaught typical of retro scents plus oak moss earthiness completing the picture.

Lushious, damp and dark experience which won't impress everyone, but - like other Private Blends that no longer dot department store shelves - is sorely missed. :-(

24th September 2018
I was happy to finally get a sample of this discontinued private blend, Tom Ford Moss Breches. It's classic and agreeable in the way of a classic men's fougere or fresh spicy option, ala Tom Ford for Men, Ralph Lauren Safari, or Chanel Pour Monsieur (the concentree or EDP versions, especially). Its spiciness harkens back to a time of colognes fit more for one's father, grandfather, etc.

I get the resins and herbs, but the note listing seems incomplete. I get some citrus, and perhaps even some oakmoss. So it's a bit of a mystery to me overall, but certainly the aura is strong, and the connotation and almost memory of scents or situations past. The name might be misleading, as this doesn't strike me as mossy, or swampy--slightly earthy perhaps.

Performance is excellent, strong on both projection and longevity, akin to most of the heavier Tom Ford Private Blends.

7 out of 10
12th February 2016
Rich and aftershave-y, this smashes a traditional chypre into a snazzy fougere. The problem is that both are rendered a bit cartoonish, lacking the sophistication usually found within either style. Moss Breches is bombastic; a blaring, shouty kind of a fragrance that's supercharged by a honeyed moss, a soft sage-y lavender, and a smattering of earthy, stemmy things. The textbook chypre-effect dominates but lacks any refinement, and the end result is a somewhat amiable yet gaudy car crash of Mitsouko and Invasion Barbare. It's enjoyable for the first hour, but it borders on pantomime soon after.
8th January 2016
A sweet and endearing honey-beeswaxed version of Derby that wears comfortably on the skin, so comfortably that all those around you will curiously want to nuzzle their noses in your wool sweater! I base this on multiple experiences. Absolutely amazing for the cold days of fall and winter. Wouldn't be without it for one second in my wardrobe. 4.5 out of 5 stars. Ignore any negative reviews on this one as they are completely baseless.
6th January 2015
Genre: Alleged Chypre

Moss? This is a spicy gourmand fragrance, not some walk in the woods. The first few minutes are excruciatingly sweet to my nose, as honeyed green hay notes ride on a huge wave of cinnamon to quash any of the forest floor accord I'd hoped for in this fragrance. With time the green notes recede, leaving cinnamon and honey on their own. The honey in Moss Breches is raw, pungent, and animalic, a bit like that in Serge Lutens's Miel de Bois, though far less potent.

As it dries down Moss Breches leaves a trail of soft woods and vanilla. A pretty exit, but disappointing if it's a chypre you're expecting. Taken as a whole, Moss Breches is far from revolutionary, and even a little bit dull. If it's a spicy oriental I'm after, I'll stick to Noir Epices, Eau Lente, or Cimabue, thank you.
19th June 2014
The opening is an interesting complexity… it is a bit herbal, sweet, green, spicy, with a firm earthy-mossy undertone. I would say it consciously sparkles and subconsciously seduces at once. I love it…

But unfortunately the variety within the opening lessens and what is left for most of the remainder of the fragrance is an sweet and somewhat synthetic bees wax / moss accord. The use of moss in this fragrance starts well but becomes and then remains dull, thin, a bit unnatural, and somewhat short-lived.

I don't enjoy the smell of moss in modern fragrances when it's used as a dominant element in an accord, and I think the restrictions on the use of genuine oak moss have a lot to do with the problems of this fragrance. Whatever… I find Moss Breches quite dull after the excitement of its opening.
24th March 2014
Got a gd deal on a 30ml decant of Moss Breches & I jumped the gun & blind bought it. I go with neutral because as Jenson mentioned in his review, it reminds of a lot of older classic colognes - I was reminded of VCA PH, Trussardi Uomo (minus the leather) & the like. To me it totally lacks originality.

The oakmoss is definitely there, but my recent acquisitions like vintage Worth PH haute concentration, vintage Paco Rabanne PH, Ho Hang Club etc have much better oakmoss (& are better overall as well).

For the price Moss Breches is found now, I think it's not worth it. Longevity is only about 4 hours, with excellent projection for the first hour / hour & half after which it's muted. The sweetness that comes in after the initial hour is something i disliked (spicy sweetness = spices + patch + beeswax???).

If you like oakmossy colognes, go for this, it will keep you enthralled in it's first hr...

Also I read a comparison to Sova, either on some thread on BN or on Fragrantica - totally uncomparable. Sova to me is a beeswax / hay monster, created wonderfully. Moss Breches does not smell anywhere near Sova...
13th December 2013
MOSS BRECHES starts off with the dark green, slightly bitter tinge of a classic chypre before drying down to warm slightly musky/mossy undertones. It is a tale of stolen afternoons, secret gardens and that all-too-unforgettable romp on the forest floor.
29th January 2013
The official notes are: Wood, Warm Spice, Beeswax absolute, Moroccan Clary Sage, Hungarian Tarragon, Corsican Rosemary, Labdanum, Patchouli and Benzoin.

What I get is a green, herbal, honey fragrance that lasts the whole day, with a huge projection the first couple of hours. It all ends very satisfyingly with a warm chypre-like drydown. I can't compare it to anything else as I have never smelled anything like it. Too original and unusual to be a success at the counter, unfortunately, it has now been discontinued.
27th December 2012
The top note is the most interesting bit and quite unusual for TF; it with very nice, green, fresh but a little synthetic; this lasts about an hour and I like it. Afterwards a gentle nonspecific sweetness arises that is uninspiring to say te least. Very close to my skin and lasting about two hours.
3rd August 2012