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Moroccan Mint Tea by Ava Luxe

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Moroccan Mint Tea is a shared scent by Ava Luxe

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There are 3 reviews of Moroccan Mint Tea by Ava Luxe.

Uncomplicated and gorgeous- a clean and linear scent which I found perfect during a summer pregnancy when I couldn't handle anything 'complex'

My warm weather staple, since discovering it last summer. The scent is pretty much as advertised: mint and tea. When sprayed, the opening seems slightly harsher -green and almost bitter- to me as compared to dabbed. I prefer dabbing in this case. It quickly progresses into a strong, recognizably minty scent, without much tea, at first. Tea comes into play about 45 minutes in, and never dominates on my skin. The mint never fully disappears and stays right into the dry-down, though it softens and sweetens, and perhaps gains a vanilla edge. This is THE most long-lasting fragrance I've ever tried; on one occasion, it survived 48 hours and 3 showers.

This is a review of the extrait. A nice, refreshing, relatively straightforward fragrance. It opens with a lemon note but fairly quickly changes to mint, tea, and a hint of sugar. The mint smells to me like a cross of spearmint and peppermint, which is good because I associate spearmint with gum. While the mint is the strongest scent, it is well-balanced by the tea.

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