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    • Tahitian Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine Sambac, Sandalwood

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More by Demi is like an extremely shy person. You know how with shy people, usually it just takes some time and patience and gentle coaxing and soon enough they'll open up and come out of their smell...? There is also a brand of shyness that is stubborn, such that no amount of patience will coax any personality out. That's More by Demi. A beautiful gem. This is so elegant, and easy to wear all year around especially in spring.

White florals, and that beautiful ylang ylang note are softly underlined by woods and hints of fruits sparkle throughout. The dry down is warm and comforting, a slightly starchy soft sweetness, which retains a slight contrasting coolness from the previous phases. It doesn't scream for attention. More by Demi floats gently aroud you and gives you little unobtrusive whiffs during the day. Perfect fragrace for a lady who does not stand up for herself.
6th July 2022
Amazing and well blended luxurious scent ..Love it
6th October 2016