Moonlight in Heaven 
By Kilian (2016)

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Reviews of Moonlight in Heaven by By Kilian

Moonlight in Heaven is a funky combo. It's a mix of a sweet rice pudding with lush tropical white flowers. For as unique and possibly risky concoction as this, I do think it works out fairly well. The florals and the sweet rice and coconut notes combine in a way that is certainly smooth, warm, powdery and pleasant. I don't think its for me though. It comes off a bit too feminine for my tastes. Worth a sample.
Nov 16, 2019

Creamy citrus opening. A bit soapy. Light. My skin really absorbs this perfume, for some reason. Perhaps too much. Heart notes remind me of a tropical-flavored, rice pudding. a jasmine note, quickly follows. The jasmine sambac dominates the heart. Only a faint Tonka do I smell, in the base. Rather tame for my taste.

Meh, 2 stars.
Dec 16, 2018

Light coconut with a floral note that smells pretty good. The initial spray was not as good as the base and drydown. Like the citrus and fruity aspect of this one. 7.5/10
Jul 17, 2018

A little citrus and pepper in the opening that quickly gives way to a clean, creamy coconut scent as it dries down. This is not a full-on coconut scent but it's definitely there. It's more like the soft, creamy scent you smell in high-end hotels mixed with a little coconut. I’m getting some soft florals but it's not heavily feminine.

Feels like a daytime, casual scent to me.

Projection is light but the scent lasts 8-10 hours.
Jul 14, 2018

A heavenly tropical dessert of citrus, mango, jasmine sambac, coconut milk sticky rice and a woody vetiver. I have received many unsolicited compliments while wearing this.

Yes there are other cheaper "tropical" fragrances out there, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. The azure refillable bottle comes in a padded compact case with a mother of pearl inlay. Refills are about $110 cheaper.

On my skin, projection is within an arm's length, and longevity is about 10 hours.

It is not cloying, is perfect for Spring or Summer and can be worn for any occasion, day or night.

Of the many fragrances in my collection, this is one of my top 10 favorites.

Apr 16, 2018

Yummy tropical cocktail of coconutty rice, floral notes, citrus and mango: a breezy summer beyond the Paradise. Vetiver comes up at distance as woodsy presage of far exotic islands. Not that sort of structure but pure exotic bliss. An heavenly "dimension" more than a "technical" fragrance itself. A summer as long as a dream.
Feb 28, 2018

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