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Juliette Has a Gun (2014)

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Moon Dance by Juliette Has a Gun

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Reviews of Moon Dance by Juliette Has a Gun

There are 6 reviews of Moon Dance by Juliette Has a Gun.

A seductive woman dressed in a sparkling sequined dress picks up a boa constrictor and dances around with it draped over her shoulders at a night garden of ghostly flowers grown strange and beautiful as they rot. This is a dark fairy, not a witch or vampire. It really does smell like the 80s/90s. It has a vintage vibe to it but that doesn't make it old smelling. Sexy scent but not in a carnal way, more of in a confident, fearless way.

While the tuberose is the most dominant note, it doesn't overpower to the point where you can not anything else. When tuberose is mixed in poorly in a fragrance, it smells animalic in a very pungent and rank way, which isn't the case at all with Moon Dance. Tuberose, patchouli damascones galore with their wine tonality between rose and violets consecrated to the extreme, the best absolutes to accompany this crazy party. It's aggressively sultry darkly sweet and beautiful gothic and indulgent. This is not for someone who likes little girls fruity, cotton candy, bubble gum types of fragrances. This fragrance is for a woman or a young woman with a old soul. The rainy weather is the perfect time to wear this fragrance with a beautiful holiday black dress.

This might be the best from Juliet has a gun. Moon dance opens in a very dirty way, with a special oud scent and then develops into a classical floral, with a vintage feeling. Great performances.

One of the most fascinating contradictions in perfume is, when smelled directly on skin it represents a carnal picture of dirt, while the sillage is of a heavenly light creaminess.

Moon dance may be considered distant, but as it glides along in its smooth orbit (not unlike the most famous moondancing star ever), its -weightless- trail will lift and corrupt all bystanders, their jaws dropped to the ground.

Eternally denoted as beautiful.

Odd, almost medicinal opening with its bergamot and violet. Quickly sweetens. It becomes velvety with its heart notes. Nothing loud here. Light, summery flowers. Musky base that reads ordinary. Too pricey, for what it is. Barely three stars.

Rather sweet and floral. -- no surprise, given the listed notes. More rose than violet, I'd say. Fleshy, buttery notes from the tuberose appear Settles into a rich musky/powder chord with a slight earthy, leathery aspect. Feminine in style, seems OK if you like that sort of thing. Nothing unpleasant about it, given the style.

The opening blast is an original combination of rose, a violet note and an overarching freshness provided by bergamot. The drydown turns darker with deep tuberose and patchouli tones, and the base introduces a harsher musky impression. I also het a dirty, slightly leathery turn in the base.

Overall this is an interesting creation, well blended with good structure and made of good-quality ingredients. I get moderate sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity. Great in autumn, an impressive scent.

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