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Montecristo by Masque

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Montecristo is a shared scent launched in 2013 by Masque

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Reviews of Montecristo by Masque

There are 26 reviews of Montecristo by Masque.

From its reputation, I expected to adore Montecristo. Instead, while I do like it, I find it a tad opaque–like chewing a cigar rather than smelling one. I'm glad I have a decent-sized sample, but I won't be needing a bottle.

Smells like a horse to me in the opening, that smell of horse hair in the summer, there's a field near me and I sometimes walk the dog there, I'll feed the horse some fresh grass from the other side of the fence and give it a stroke, when I smell my hand afterwards it smells a lot like this. Further into the mid I detect incense, cedar and tobbaco, I can hardly detect the rum which I would of liked more of to round out the dryness, into the far dry down a pleasent attractive patchouli makes an appearance to slightly clean things up, overall I find montecristo a dry animalic creation with a creative feeling of history and time, I enjoyed my sample but I'm not sure if I want to purchase a full bottle.

Imagine you have just had a new timber deck or patio built for yourself. This is the predominant note of montecristo. Freshly cut timber and sap. Others mention rum and animalics. I don't detect those so much. It's the timber that prevails. An attractive scent which develops a cosy warmth during its dry-down and one that I can imagine smelling in the type of scene painted by the manufacturer. Definitely masculine.

Pissy leather. Lots going on with this one. The animalics are in the front on full display, emphasized with a biting patchouli. The labdanum rounds off the seat. Quite and interesting fragrance. There is something of an earthy smolder in the heart. It becomes more palletable to the masses here, as a kind of dry smoky animalic amber. Better rounded and blended than I expected. Good quality.
This is my first Masque, it has peaked my interest in the brand further. The cost at $125 for 35 ml seems like a decent value for what you receive. If you can get it at discount, all the better.

Montecristo is the second release in the story of Masque Milano: Act I, Perfume II (stylized as I:II on the bottle and cap). The inspiration behind Montecristo is the interior of a villa wherein the different elements fairly seamlessly blend together. It's not a loud announcement of any of the pleasures (tobacco, rum, benzoin) or environmental features (patchouli, guaiac, cedar, cistus, etc.) but rather a balanced rendition that doesn't lean too heavily on any one note in particular.

It has the booze and woods of many fragrances, and these notes are featured first for me, with the earthy basement feeling following and proportionally being a bit bigger of a part of the experience in the dry down. The earthiness reminds me a bit of Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu–dense, green, mossy, dank, and quite interesting. It's usually not my cup of tea, genre-wise, but in harmony with the tobacco and rum, it's a very interesting.

I frankly get more whiffs of the patchouli and tobacco on and off during the dry down, alternating which aspect of the fragrance seems more dominant. The bite of the rum subsides after a few hours, in my estimation. Overall, I dig it. Usually, the earthiness might be objectionable but it's done so well in Montecristo that I want to keep smelling, like a curiosity, a kaleidoscope where I get different colors with each sniff.

Very well done, and on the cheaper side of the line, at $125 for 35ml. As with Terralba, the performance isn't extraordinary on my skin but its nuances and complexity make it a fun wear, and frankly, more versatile since it's not loud. It's one that I'm going to try further but will likely be a full bottle pick up. Like Terralba, I had an instant connection when smelling Montecristo for the first time, my other favorite being the resinous Tango of Act III.

8 out of 10

Stardate 20171109:

Dirty Cuminy leather balanced very well with amber.
It is animalic (not the ass kind, more of the BO kind).
I prefer the ass and so probably can't pull this off. But this is a good composition.
People who like vintage Eau d'Hermes should try this one.

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