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Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana

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Reviews of Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana

There are 54 reviews of Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana.

A solid burst of aldehydic, spicy, incense-y pine soon leads to typical 80s florals, followed by a healthy dose of oakmoss and leather. The scent profile is classic 80s masculine green; nothing ground-breaking, but an outstanding perfume nevertheless. It's not as loud and rugged as many beasts released during this period such as Basile Uomo or Loewe Esencia, but it's still substantially stronger than say Orlane Derrick which to my nose is a distant cousin.

Projection is decent, longevity is good.

Masculinity Level: Covey Leader to Raven. Come in, Raven.

Look for the UTIF Italian tax code.
Here's how the bottom of my bottle reads.
Claude Montana r
Parfum D'Homme
Eau de Toliette-Spray Natual
125ml - 89% vol.-4.2 FL.OZ
REF . 091189
Well, we know how the tester not for sale goes.
I would suggest anyone that wants to experience a very nice vintage,
to look this one up.
I picked mine up for 55.
Very smooth, nonabrasive men's perfume.
I get a nice pepper & pine masculine floral in musk, smoothly balanced with sandalwood and wrapped up in nutmeg. with trails of incense.
I don't get the fruity aspect too much.
The fruity part must have mellowed into the other notes.
I think that this one is a really good starting point in vintages
If you like your CdG's as I do, search Montana Parfum D'Homme.

This takes you to the land of oversized aldehydic, soapy pines, where nymphs and gnomes weave through the trees with sage smudge sticks and a caterpillar on a toadstool sits smoking a hookah.

Seriously though, Montana Parfum d'Homme is a classic and a powerhouse of aromatic leather majesty. The floral heart has all the usual suspects (carnation, geranium, rose) that bridge the spicy, coniferous lightness of the top to the rich, smoky, leathery depths of its base.

A handsome creation.

I'll keep this review as simple as possible: Montana Parfum d'Homme = Bogart One Man Show + Aramis Havana

A fragrance that speaks of masculinity and refinement, and of a successful gentleman. A gentleman perhaps who smokes a cuban cigar and who is well-dressed, panama hat, confident, dark and mysterious. He has also a romantic sensibility. He will stand out from the crowd and the masculine sexual allure of the cuban cigar makes him more sophisticated. An awesome fragrance. Never too soft, never too overpowering, the balance of spices, leather and tobacco are just right. On the 80's, masculine creations had a big, herbal and unsmilling aura. When colognes were part of your wardrobe& made a statement. Before fresh aquatic chemical messes and no statement scents that are repetitive & predictable.

The fragrance opens with almost shocking burst of aromatic notes, dirty freshness and spices, giving this scent a spicy flavor as it begins to wear on a man's skin. It has an aldehyde scent at the first spritz and then turns into spicy scents of pine and carnation. Then there's a distinct cinnamon scent. It smells like the inside of a spice shop. Brings in a leather, sandalwood, tobacco blend that sits at the base. A dry leather and creamy tobacco dry down. It's very soothing tobacco scent. It smells like a fresh box of cigars still in the box. That's full of Testosterone and is unapologetic in it's nature yet underneath it all is still a big softie and the type of man who will fight when needed and hold you when you need him most. A timeless classic indeed and something you won't find in nowadays releases. An fragrance for real man, not for little boys. It projects well and lasts and lasts.

Montana Parfum d'Homme (Vintage red box)...from a sample -

This fume is a no-brainer to add to the wardrobe of any fans out there of Aramis Havana (like me). The familiar bright and refreshing aldehydic opening link the two immediately, with Montana favoring a shade of 80's oakmoss and Havana shooting a spicy rum floater.

As they progress, Montana steers its suit towards a well heeled zip code while Havana refuses to put out its cigar and break up the pool party.

Montana is a men's fragrance of 80's construction (1989) that wears very easily and modern. This one would be a great entry point for anyone wanting to experience a bit of vintage, add versatility to their wardrobe, and not break the bank. The 125 ml vintage formula can be found online for around $50.

4 stars

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