Montana Parfum d'Elle (new) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Aldehydes, Peach, Red berries
  • Heart

    • Geranium, Iris, Magnolia
  • Base

    • Amber, Musk, Tonka bean

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Pretty floral and apple opening already backed by a burnt vanilla background; it's quite nice but also rather ordinary… pretty though it is. From the opening, the fragrance moves to a somewhat weak mixed floral middle in a bouquet accord... meaning that I can't separate the individual floral notes. I would think I might at least be able to pick out the peony and jasmine, but no, that doesn't happen. To my nose the florals seem overwhelmed by the still light burnt vanilla background.

The base adds wood notes to the vanilla. Again, I am unable to separate out the individual notes – I get a mixed wood slightly dominated by the vanilla. I don't really get amber or musk. To my nose I'd say that this is a nice, pleasant, uninspired vanilla fragrance which might perform much better with another's skin chemistry. Normal projection and longevity.
17th March 2014
A fusion of Ysatis and Youth Dew...wears a bit heavily on my skin, smells outdated. The funny thing is, I can't bring myself to turn the thumb completely downward!
15th July 2009

I don't know if my bottle of "Montana" is the origianl or the new, but it comes with a great story from a man I do not know, that begins, "In my previous life, I had a wife and mistress. The mistress wore "Montana," so I bought a bottle for my wife, hoping not to have her smell it on me otherwise..." Lovely spices, but a bit too fruity in the mid-notes for my taste. Some delicious soapy/spicy reminiscences of Givenchy's Ysatis, IMO. The bottle is fabulous.
28th October 2006