The fragrance of a sexy party girl who is afraid of nothing and knows how to have fun, “80” by Montana transports us to the early eighties, a time when nights sizzled and parties rocked.

A certain carefree nature fills the air. Days are spent working hard, the better to go wild at night. After major social causes, individual success is the new ideal. At night, the Palace in Paris and Studio 54 in New York dazzle. Under the disco balls, sculpted bodies in extravagant outfits with vibrant colours, heightened by Lurex, shake to disco beats, New Wave or the first rap hits. During the day, women – heady with their first professional success – show off dominating styles with structured haircuts and tops with exaggerated shapes. They wear dizzying fragrances drenched in white flowers…

Montana 80 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin orange, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • tuberose, orange blossom
  • Base

    • sandalwood, vanilla, cedarwood, amber

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Latest Reviews of Montana 80

This really does conjure up images of a balmy night at an exotic resort, hair down but blown out voluminous flowing over tanned skin and a black maxi dress on the beach with exotic plants all around her .She commands without being bitchy. She's the kind of woman who's easily noticed without even trying. Fresh, milky, light and dark at the same time. It feels feminine without being overhearingly floral, gourmand, or sweet. It remains youthful without being too loud or audacious. It manages to be a versatile scent while still feeling somewhat distinct & memorable. That is a good-go to.

First impression is lovely tuberose, a creamy floral, a little bit sharp and surrounded by a woody aura. As it settles, this blends seamlessly with the base to create an aroma so sensual it mat catch you off guard. It is like a progression of daytime to sensual beginnings after sundown. The sandalwood base gives it a lactonic underbelly and the sensation of being surrounded by a billowy, floating atmosphere that feels as much urbane as it does seaside. Overall it's a very gorgeous scent with a side of darkness and mystique to it while still being friendly and innocent.
13th May 2022
Montana 80 is a unique scent that delves into a creamy tuberose aroma, a high note of tuberose mixed with notes of creamy sandalwood, and rosewood. It is a sweet, floral, woody scent with the freshness of mandarin and bay leaf. A tuberose lover's delight, the woody notes add the grounding effect to this dreamy composition, the milk note adds the enchanting touch to Montana.
28th January 2019