Montabaco Intensivo 
Ormonde Jayne (2013)

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There are 1 reviews of Montabaco Intensivo by Ormonde Jayne.

What I get is an airy bitter green note (supposedly green tobacco leaf?), supported by a noticeable juniper and a hint of cardamom. No heavy pipe tobacco or ashes or cigar here.
I have to admit that it's very well done, and niche quality. Unisex, leaning a bit masculine imo, but wearable by a woman with some personality. Projection on my skin is heavy in the first hour, than becomes moderate for another ~3/4 hours. Lasts for ~7/9 hours total.

Very nice blend, even if linear, and some evolution and a little more creativity would have been appreciated, especially at this price point. Monsillage Aviation Club does something similar for a third of the price (even if not identical at all). For me a great scent I love and would be full bottle worthy around $100. But it will be downgraded to just a like for me, as I have higher expectations at that price point.

Colder Spring/Fall days, 25+
Apr 29, 2020

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