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Rochas (1969)


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Reviews of Monsieur Rochas by Rochas

There are 23 reviews of Monsieur Rochas by Rochas.

This is for vintage concentre

Herbal(aromatic),"tweedy", rural, dignified fougere. Smells very "natural". A gentleman's farmer scent. I want to wear it on a grey autumn morning, foraging chanterelles and porcini mushrooms
Jan 8, 2018

What an experience! The opening of the M. Rochas concentree I have is much like entering and leaving a venue featuring a live jazz band - from afar the song is muffled and bass-heavy, a warm and washed impression of what is inside. Once your nose is three inches, two inches, one inch from the skin, the door flies open and the volume is intense. The trumpeter is spitting carnation and chamomile everywhere and, though he is a young gun, he is taking center stage to everyone's surprise. Long time friends sage and oakmoss are holding down the walking bass line and adding a surprise dash of salt to the rim of tonight's glass, while a lovely soul singer dressed in bergamot wails over a backdrop of dry woods and spices. I recognize so many accords from other fragrances in this mix but I will refrain from listing them, as I can not recall the last time I wrote a review without a reference enclosed. What I will say is that this iteration of Monsieur is largely outdated but full of character, like an aging musician who has played with all the big names some time along the line. Effortless, persistent, and timeless. I now feel I have to try the other versions.
Mar 26, 2016

I've tested the vintage formulation. Monsieur Rochas is a really classic herbal/smoky and mossy fougere opening with a traditional lemony and herbal bergamot/aromatic herbs accord (huge lavender under my nose) and ending down with a distinguished mossy/spicy (ostensibly incensey) and smoky dry down enriched by a structural tonka/geranium/carnation/lavender characterizing combination. Effectively the connection of dark/smoky galbanum and sharp flowers represents the key way to catch the soul of this aroma (completely teleporting us in a stiff and conservative left back era). Probably the subtle lingering smokiness is afforded by the combination of galbanum, spices and tonka. The olfactory conjurations are diverse since I detect a bunch of Equipage's nuances and facets about Fougere Royale, knize Ten, Dunhill for Men and Arrogance Pour Homme. Utterly natural and aromatic in perception yet still nowadays one of the most "qualified" traditional aromatic fougeres of the olfactory panorama.
Mar 13, 2014

I have never seen nor smelled the new edition but I have fond memories of the vintage Monsieur Rochas I have discovered in college in the early 70's. I loved the sweet spiciness of the middle notes and the deep warm sensuous base notes. To me, Monsieur Rochas was the ideal fragrance to wear after ski in front of the fireplace while drinking hot spiced wine in good company. Not a summer fragrance!
Jan 18, 2012

This review is for the vintage yellow eau de cologne and not the new pink EdT:

Monsieur Rochas lives up to its reputation as 1960s/1970s men's orientalized fougere featuring all the trimmings. MR is clear and convincing, genuine and legitimate. Monsieur is an orientalized descendant of the long lost Fougere Royale and possibly a precursor to the ultimately brilliant Belgravia by the Dukes of Pall Mall. Monsieur Rochas opens with a citric blast of lemon and bergamot followed by the typical lavender-geranium-tonka accord that defines the genre. Rochas is dressed up other interesting elements such as carnation, cedar, patchouli, and galbanum. The galbanum adds a smokey, tobacco scent in the base, which I'd deduce employs genuine oakmoss. Monsieur Rochas would fit a more cosmopolitan French aristocrat around the turn of the century rather than a country gentleman.
Dec 26, 2011

Smoky fougère. When's the last time you heard those two words together? I'm referring to the vintage version of MR so I can't comment on the current batch. Guy Robert composed this shortly before he crafted Hermes Equipage which is somewhat similar to MR. In MR, Monsieur Robert takes the classical fougère structure and adds a tobacco-like accord to the mix. According to the "official" note pyramid, there's no tobacco listed in the juice so the smoke is either an illusion or a combination of other accords. There is mastery and alchemy here. I smell also cinnamon and that's not listed either. The effect of MR is like stepping into a comfortable drawing room where smoke remnants have soiled the leather upholstery, ladies are soaked in lavender and carnations have been collected in a vase on the coffee table. It's a joy to still be able to find vintage MR where the ravages of time have not erased this treasure. I just wish Monsieur Robert would've been imitated as fougères went the safe and clean route years after rather than the nuanced and elevated example Monsieur Robert forged with MR. The possibilities are endless.
Sep 7, 2011

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