Givenchy's original masculine fragrance is a rich citrus fragrance.

Monsieur de Givenchy fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Hesperidian Notes
  • Heart

    • Lavender, Verbena
  • Base

    • Oakmoss, Sandalwood

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Monsieur by Givenchy is one of my staples in the "pantry". As with its cousin Gentleman, or Equipage by Hermes and others, Monsieur is also part of that group of perfumes that my father used (and still use when I pass him some decants) when I was a kid. So also for Monsieur I can say that I had an olfactory imprinting that made it a reference perfume in the aromatic chypre theme. I was lucky enough to find several bottles, perfectly kept, dating back to the early 80s and late 70s .. needless to say, I stocked up. Version 1980-83 It is a bright, clear, dry, extremely aromatic perfume. It opens with very tart and not at all synthetic lemon, supported by the strong note of verbena beautifully rendered and supported, in turn, by the notes of carnation and lavender. The base is solid, composed of oakmoss, perhaps civet and sandalwood to tie everything together and give roundness. In fact, it is the base that makes them so beautiful for me, because a delicate scent of greenery, wood and musk will remain on the skin, very dry and aromatic, magnificent and which in no case will get boring. Many compare it to Chanel's Pour Monsieur and I can understand why, the theme is that but the Chanel remains more transparent and airy with a very natural and magnificent lemon zest at the opening (I'm talking about the vintage of the 80s), the Givenchy instead is much denser and deeper, more musky and dry, more characterizing and less citrusy in the opening; I prefer Monsieur. Overall it is a truly classy perfume, discreet and never loud, perfect if combined with clothing that perhaps includes a shirt, for an adult man (30-35), perhaps engaged in study or office work... In short, a great classic and timeless perfume. The performances, considering the genre and the composition, are more than acceptable, we are around 5 abundant hours on the skin and a discreet projection with a minimal trail. I consider it a perfume that can be used all year round, but I think it makes it better in the warmer periods while not being a real citrus. In general, it is then a perfume that bystanders will hardly fail to like.
1st February 2023
A lightweight beauty, Monsieur Givenchy is almost like a gentleman's L'Air du Temps (also composed by Francis Fabron) with his carnation accord simmering under the lemon verbena and spiced lavender. When wearing it, I feel handsome, centered, and relaxed. I am walking with confidence, I am well-groomed, I am practicing good etiquette.

Well-mannered yet with character, this Monsieur could tell a lot of great stories but also listens. He knows that we do not antagonize and judge ad nauseam to get our point across to our audience. If someone seems a "slob", he extends compassion, as they may be dealing with grief, trauma, or heartache. He does not pick on others and call them "sissies," we must rather protect sensitive souls from the troglodytes of the earth. Folks may be buried in their phones but he does not mock, he is too buried in a book to care. He stays in his own lane and doesn't squander his energy berating what others may do with their time just to prop himself up. He knows that righteous indignation can be unappetizing, but reducing human beings to just an action or two is just uncouth. These are the true virtues of the handsome manly man. It would be lovely if these were the virtues of all souls, no matter what their expression or persuasion.

Monsieur de Givenchy winds down over time to a musky, mossy, sandalwood murmur with its heart lingering on collars and cufflinks. I'd be thrilled to lean in and kiss a handsome gent who was wearing this. Deux messieurs qui s'embrassent, quel spectacle!
15th September 2022

I agree with freewheeling for the most part.
My evaluation of these fine scents is that they all share equally in their value.
The Givenchy has a focus on a base of Oakmoss and Sandalwood and a darker part of the forest. It is excellent in regards to it's elegant deep green aromatic.
Pour Monsieur has a focus on a base of
Oakmoss and Vetiver and a carefully managed Woodland.
It is excellent in regards to it's use of Vanilla-ed Neroli pointing to a gorgeous powdered finish which brings the scent to a 50's Paris.
Eau Sauvage has a focus on base of Ambered Musk.
It is excellent as it presents a Floral Bouquet that is Jasmine led and
defines an elegant 60's Unisex aura
All share a very Classical French poetry.
17th September 2021
Note: Review is of the vintage version.

A splendid classic textbook citrus chypre. Very traditional opening of brisk lemon and tart bergamot finely interwoven with lavender, on a dry-down of oakmoss and sandalwood. Elegant, refined, subtle, abstract, and uncomplicated. Wears close to skin with reasonable duration for this style of perfume. Just as good as Chanel pour Monsieur or Eau Sauvage, if not better.

20th July 2021
There are three legendary masculines citrus chypres, Pour Monsieur, Eau Sauvage and Monsieur de Givenchy. They are also the three best ones in my opinion. I love Eau Sauvage the most, in part because I was introduced to it in my early teens when all I knew about perfumes where my mother's Number 5, 19 and Arpege. Men around me where not wearing anything, they were hippies that smelled of hearth, hay and sweat, often weed. An antique dealer friend of the family went and fetched it to me as fragrances where discussed and said this is what you need and want. I loved it, the bottle, everything and it became my lifelong signature (before basenotes). I favor it also because of the hedione wash giving it a whimsical, bohemian vaguely mysterious feel.

Monsieur de Givenchy is just as good perhaps better even, it's exactly balanced, longer lasting, perfect. More rooted, more conservative and dependable in a way, classical. And it smells incredible.

Vintage wrap around label
29th May 2021
Fresh/tart bergamot and verbena combo in the top, shortly followed by a sweet lemon supported by lavender probably supported by a hint of incense or benzoin. In the base, the lavender leaves, the lemon tones down and leaves the front stage to a slightly smoky moss, and a hint of woods (vetiver for sure, possibly cedar also) and spices (coriander? pepper? a micro dose of cumin maybe? or is it the civet?)
Overall a simple citrus fragrance, that will unveil a controlled complexity during the journey. Performance is not its strength, since it results being closer to an EDC than an EDT from that point of view, but that is not what is expected here anyways. Powdery? Yes, probably with some benzoin involved in it, providing also some sweetness. Soapy? Also a bit, but 'powdery' is the term that fits better, imo.
How to describe it? I would say it's a mix of Eau de Guerlain and AdP Colonia, with a drop of Jicky in the base. It's classic without being dated, it's elegant without being boring, it's gentleman-y without being macho. It might not tick the uniqueness box, but it fits for sure the image of the house: It's very Givenchy.
If if a masterpiece in terms of smell, it'll only get a 4/5 mark in view of its abysmal performance.
Warm to hot days, 30+
27th May 2021
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