Monogram Collection : Dōjima 
Mona di Orio (2017)

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Monogram Collection : Dōjima by Mona di Orio

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The name derives from the Dōjima Rice Exchange founded by Samurai in 1697 in Osaka, Japan. Let us travel back to this moment in time, have the beauty and serenity of a single rice grain work as your seductive armor.

Fragrance notes.

Reviews of Monogram Collection : Dōjima by Mona di Orio

There are 2 reviews of Monogram Collection : Dōjima by Mona di Orio.

Begins as a light, ethereal veil of sweet spices & woods, mostly nutmeg & sandalwood, along with a subtle rice accord. This is joined after a few minutes by a smooth iris, which proceeds to dominate the heart along with the sandalwood, until five hours in it fades to a base of labdanum. The projection is low to moderate, & it reminds me by turns of Santal-Basmati by Affinessence, & a more smooth-textured, less sweaty version of Tom Ford's Santal Blush.

Those looking for a rice-dominant fragrance may be disappointed by this one, as the accord doesn't last long here, but l think it would please lovers of iris & sandalwood. lt's subtle enough to be suitable for a work environment, & l can imagine it being perfect for late summer/early autumn.

Neither a tribute to rice or Osaka

Of the Mona di Orios I've tried, Dojima is the most disappointing. The opening is musty, rather than musky. Instead of Japanese rice, I have the distinct impression of vintage clothing that has been stored for years and could use some airing out.

The scent improves as it develops and the jasmine begins to open up. But you need to wait for it to meld with the rest of the scent which remains a dusty, musty orris for some time. It takes a couple hours for the fragrance to become more enjoyable and softer. But overall, it frustrates. It brightens and lifts at points to become quite beguiling, but those moments are fleeting and one feels like Dojima could be any nice iris-powder-makeup scent.

I'm also at a loss to review Dojima because I feel very biased. I sampled Dojima primarily because of the hyped "rice accord." Theoretically, I can imagine jasmine and powdery iris recreating the scent of rice, but they never blend together in this way on my skin. If you are hoping for something reminiscent of fragrant jasmine rice, you are better off trying Etat Libre d'Orange's Fils de Dieu. I also wish to point out that the rice in Japan is not jasmine rice! It's a short-grain variety that is firm, chewy, and a little sticky. It's very different from the fluffy, aromatic long-grain varieties like jasmine or basmati. I was really hoping for Japanese rice, but I suppose I should have known from the notes pyramid that this was not to be.

When I try to set my expectations aside, I am left with an interesting but wearable gauzy jasmine-orris with a dusting of spice and hint of cream. It might take me awhile to appreciate this. It's not a travesty. Faint praise for a house I usually enjoy.

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