Monocle Scent Three : Sugi 
Comme des Garçons (2013)

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Monocle Scent Three : Sugi by Comme des Garçons

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Monocle Scent Three : Sugi is a shared scent launched in 2013 by Comme des Garçons

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Reviews of Monocle Scent Three : Sugi by Comme des Garçons

There are 8 reviews of Monocle Scent Three : Sugi by Comme des Garçons.

Sugi moto san
Your fragrance was our blessing
Stature your reward.

Quiet your refuge
And the root of our respect.
That you did not move

To some was weakness
But to those cooled by your shade
It was your true strength.

Recalls a newly refurbished penthouse apartment with the fresh scent of fine quality timber. The pine note is refined and reminiscent of silver fir oil,, with a sawdust accent. Fits in well with C de G creations in the incense series, which are all great fragrances for those who love the aroma of natural wood. I would guess it may owe something to sunstruck pine resin, a material developed by Givaudan at one time, but that is just conjecture. Definitely one to purchase.

I must be anosmic to this one? Tried it on paper and skin several times. I get a pleasant whiff of peppery wood at the beginning, so light that I can't smell it over anything else that comes wafting on down the street even when I cram my nose into it, and after about twenty minutes I can no longer smell anything at all.

Edit: Maybe there was something wrong with the store testers I'd used before, because I subsequently managed to get it to stick to a scent strip. Nice but my least favorite of the Monocle series and so quiet it has to be oversprayed to be detectable.

I've tried this several times in a store. Each time I get a somewhat different take on it -- yet it never seems bottle-worthy to me.
First of all -- don't be distracted by the lemon-yellow colour. No citrus notes listed or to be found.
My beef is this: no coniferous notes. Where are the cypress and pine?
It mostly focuses on a peppery, mineral, rubbery note. Now, this isn't bad, and it is consistent with some other CdG forays into the industrial realm.
Longevity is poor.
Nothing remarkable here.

I really think Colin and alfarom's reviews nail this scent. Industrial, natural, geometric.
I think it might be the pepper that gives an almost concrete like aroma at the beginning.

As alarm says, simple but not simplistic. All of the notes are laid out there and easy to see, but there's something about the interplay of what are really very familiar notes working together in a way I've never come across before. The cypress/grapefruit lasts from the opening throughout most of the scent's life, and its interplay with the iris and other notes teases, giving hints of something more floral that I can't quite put my finger on, leaving me fascinated and frequently coming back for more.
I get good longevity from this by CdG standards. Definitely a unisex scent that can be comfortably worn by anyone. I love Hinoki, but I think this is the best of the Monocle series.

Frosty, green & black geometric scent. Extremely aromatic and linear, balsamic at some point, really elegant and definitely, in a word, "contemporary" in its visual, architectural meaning (I keep recalling those concrete post-modern houses in the middle of natural nowhere - which is exactly how this smells to me). Incredibly simple yet much evocative. A microscopic hint of insecticide at some point, which however is acceptable given the "chemical", industrial feeling of this scent. And, highly "wearable" and safe - surely not "daring". Superb fragrance!


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