Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum 
Guerlain (2017)

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Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

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Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum is a women's perfume launched in 2017 by Guerlain

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Reviews of Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

There are 25 reviews of Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum by Guerlain.

I needed to try this as I do like many of the Guerlain offerings, but it ended up being not my thing. It's VERY sweet on me. I get sweet rosy lavender, with some herbal green to cut the cloy, but not quite enough, and a powdery makeup base. It's really nice and I'm glad to have tried it, but it's just too sweet. It also reminds me of the super cheap Guess Seductive Noir cotton candy floral thing I have on my shelf. Not a happy comparison, I'm afraid.

Let me start off by saying, most of my reviews are based on enjoying the charms of each fragrance rather than a masochistic urge to find many flaws! On the other hand, i especially enjoy those that go on a rant about a fragrance being over-hyped, as though because some fume head wtih a puffed up sense of self-importance didn't like it no one else should like it either. Indeed, some folks take themselves far too seriously.

The price of this is not great for what you get, but Mon Guerlain EDP is one of those fragrances that woman's skin and body heat can be a more suitable criterion for it evaluation. This scent seems to love heat, because some of those intoxicating chords reach a proper pitch on her skin, and although it's nice on my skin, it is dynamite warmed with her body heat! To me, Mon Guerlain EDP has a strong heady masculine note that doesn’t budge and is more dry and less sweet in both floral and vanilla scent and definitely no honey sweetness!

Finally it has a very well balanced sweet powdery finish with notes of vanilla and tonka bean that are presented in a subtle way, to give a touch of freshness without losing the essence of the perfume that is totally sweet and aromatic. In my personal opinion this does not smell sexy. For me it smells like someone who is innocent and sweet. A perfume for summery nights when they become more chilly, and autumn and winter days and nights.

Sometimes I’m surprised to see something I enjoy so much, not received very well by the community. And that’s exactly what is happening here. I have been in a love affair with lavender in fragrances, especially in feminine fragrances… and if that sounds like you, I think you will enjoy this one like I do.

This fragrance is very sweet, and soft, and the lavender comes in like a warm and comforting embrace. Very motherly… or maybe nurturing is a better word for it. It has that Guerlain distinction, from start to finish. I think most people probably receive this as a very pedestrian fragrance, but I do not. I do think that you have to appreciate sweet fragrances in general, and if you like other modern offerings like Sì, then you will probably like this.

In comparing with YSL Libre line, which also features a prominent Lavender… this one has a soft and pretty feel, whereas Libre has a little bit more of a “take charge” and confident feel.

If you enjoy sweet, and lavender, I have a hard time believing that you won’t like this.

If you're not careful with the spelling of this you may end up with Monguerlain, which reminds me of something called Mong Weed - which once did the rounds of my home town. It was some kind of herb, soaked in barbiturates, that unscrupulous dealers were trying to pass off as cannabis.

With formulaic praline, and some plastic flowers - so fake I had to write them in quote marks in my notes - Mongeurlain feels as genuine as Mongweed.

I guess wearing it would have the same stupefying effect.

I find Mon Guerlain a bit dull. It smells like a Guerlain in terms of the quality of raw materials used, but the composition is just not very interesting. Lavender and vanilla, with not much else going on. Guerlain can do much better. Even La Petite Robe Noire, with its syrupy sweet mix of cherry and almonds, has more personality than this one.

No surprises,yet another classic and lovely feminine scent..see Five Oaks above. .

Slow dry down, but range of scents and seamless blend with good longevity. No "razzle dazzle" or surprises, they aren't needed. Vanilla is not my favorite, and it is strong here-kudos to Perfumeformoi's for clever "smelling like a doughnut",true and funny.

I feel it's an ageless scent: plan to send a small bottle to my niece of 24, and my Grandmother of 99. I always think of her in White Linen, but she's still adventurous and up trying out new scents.

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