Reviews of Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I needed to try this as I do like many of the Guerlain offerings, but it ended up being not my thing. It's VERY sweet on me. I get sweet rosy lavender, with some herbal green to cut the cloy, but not quite enough, and a powdery makeup base. It's really nice and I'm glad to have tried it, but it's just too sweet. It also reminds me of the super cheap Guess Seductive Noir cotton candy floral thing I have on my shelf. Not a happy comparison, I'm afraid.

26th April 2023
Let me start off by saying, most of my reviews are based on enjoying the charms of each fragrance rather than a masochistic urge to find many flaws! On the other hand, i especially enjoy those that go on a rant about a fragrance being over-hyped, as though because some fume head wtih a puffed up sense of self-importance didn't like it no one else should like it either. Indeed, some folks take themselves far too seriously.

The price of this is not great for what you get, but Mon Guerlain EDP is one of those fragrances that woman's skin and body heat can be a more suitable criterion for it evaluation. This scent seems to love heat, because some of those intoxicating chords reach a proper pitch on her skin, and although it's nice on my skin, it is dynamite warmed with her body heat! To me, Mon Guerlain EDP has a strong heady masculine note that doesn’t budge and is more dry and less sweet in both floral and vanilla scent and definitely no honey sweetness!

Finally it has a very well balanced sweet powdery finish with notes of vanilla and tonka bean that are presented in a subtle way, to give a touch of freshness without losing the essence of the perfume that is totally sweet and aromatic. In my personal opinion this does not smell sexy. For me it smells like someone who is innocent and sweet. A perfume for summery nights when they become more chilly, and autumn and winter days and nights.
7th September 2022

Sometimes I’m surprised to see something I enjoy so much, not received very well by the community. And that’s exactly what is happening here. I have been in a love affair with lavender in fragrances, especially in feminine fragrances… and if that sounds like you, I think you will enjoy this one like I do.

This fragrance is very sweet, and soft, and the lavender comes in like a warm and comforting embrace. Very motherly… or maybe nurturing is a better word for it. It has that Guerlain distinction, from start to finish. I think most people probably receive this as a very pedestrian fragrance, but I do not. I do think that you have to appreciate sweet fragrances in general, and if you like other modern offerings like Sì, then you will probably like this.

In comparing with YSL Libre line, which also features a prominent Lavender… this one has a soft and pretty feel, whereas Libre has a little bit more of a “take charge” and confident feel.

If you enjoy sweet, and lavender, I have a hard time believing that you won’t like this.
5th August 2022
If you're not careful with the spelling of this you may end up with Monguerlain, which reminds me of something called Mong Weed - which once did the rounds of my home town. It was some kind of herb, soaked in barbiturates, that unscrupulous dealers were trying to pass off as cannabis.

With formulaic praline, and some plastic flowers - so fake I had to write them in quote marks in my notes - Mongeurlain feels as genuine as Mongweed.

I guess wearing it would have the same stupefying effect.
14th July 2022
I find Mon Guerlain a bit dull. It smells like a Guerlain in terms of the quality of raw materials used, but the composition is just not very interesting. Lavender and vanilla, with not much else going on. Guerlain can do much better. Even La Petite Robe Noire, with its syrupy sweet mix of cherry and almonds, has more personality than this one.
10th February 2021
No surprises,yet another classic and lovely feminine scent..see Five Oaks above. .

Slow dry down, but range of scents and seamless blend with good longevity. No "razzle dazzle" or surprises, they aren't needed. Vanilla is not my favorite, and it is strong here-kudos to Perfumeformoi's for clever "smelling like a doughnut",true and funny.

I feel it's an ageless scent: plan to send a small bottle to my niece of 24, and my Grandmother of 99. I always think of her in White Linen, but she's still adventurous and up trying out new scents.
10th October 2020
The lavender and the Sambac jasmine are the floral core of this creation, but on me that are son overwhelmed by the vanilla note that develops fairly soon, and this vanilla is what constitutes the hallmark of this Guerlain. It is a vanilla that is strong and sweet, but the sweetness is counterbalanced by touches of cumin and of gentle white peppers.

Aside from the vanilla there is a soft and mild tobacco impression that is notable, and an undertone of sandalwood. All these and intermingled and without clear demarcation of the stages of the development of this composition.

I get moderate sillage, excellent and a tremendous longevity of twelve hours.

An gourmand-floral fitting for warmer autumn days, which displays an impressive performance, but also a rather generic character of its ingredients. It is quite linear. Overall 2.75/5.
20th January 2020
If you work in an office, chances are there are a few women who smell like this. It's not that they're wearing Mon Guerlain, it's that a lot of perfumes smell like this...

There's a very mainstream pink pepper/tobacco mix at the center of this, further sweetened with marshmallow vanilla and Guerlain's signature candied cherry. There's a tonka/coumarin mix in there as well, which keeps Mon Guerlain from turning all the way into a Pink Sugar nightmare. Instead, it comes across more like another of their Guerlain's endless series of La Petit Robe Noire remixes, this one with the cherry turned down and the pink pepper and tobacco turned up. Meh.
12th August 2019
I wear this to work because I know it's not going to p*** anyone off. Well-made, sweet, classy and inoffensive, but absolutely nothing new. I mostly get vanilla get pink, fuzzy vanilla. Can reapply through the day without drowning in it.
10th April 2019
Usually I like to wear a perfume for a while before reviewing it. I have only been wearing Mon Guerlain for a few days but this time I wanted to register some initial impressions while they're fresh.

Mon Guerlain is aptly named because that's exactly the impression the first whiff made: “Hi, I'm a Guerlain.” It somehow even today manages to exude notes evoking the signature Guerlain accord–like bergamot, vanilla, coumarin–and starts with a breezy lavender tip of the hat to Jicky.

Middle notes could vary and still keep the house vibe. in this case jasmine, rose and iris were used–right down the middle of perfumery tradition. Mon Guerlain surely contains its share of modern aromachemicals to claim a place in today's olfactory style but not so as to detract from its lineage. The whole effect as it dries down in a powdery oriental cloud is to create an elusive and yet recognizable aura around the wearer.

With an emphasis on Guerlain signature notes and the inclusion of easy-to-wear floral and modern elements it could possibly fill the role that the unfortunately discontinued Shalimar Parfum Initial failed to do; i.e., act as a gateway scent to the world of Guerlain. I like it for its carefree classiness.

More impressions after a couple of months:

It's like Mon Guerlain is a perfume spanning three centuries: top notes of an oriental-fougère Jicky vibe from 1889, classic 20th century floral rose-jasmine-iris heart, and trendy 21st century vanilla-musc drydown. I wonder if this seeming time-span effect was a conscious plan.
12th August 2018
No doubt Guerlain has spent a good part of the past 15 years or so trying to keep its name at the forefront of the collective mind of the mass perfume-buying public. Which is fine. Even the French have to send their kids to college, and they can't do it on the strengths of Mitsouko and Shalimar alone.

And it hasn't been all bad. L'Instant and Insolence are very good, though I don't own them. And Parfum Initial is in my opinion great. Also targeted for mass appeal, you bet, but it didn't insult those masses. It gave them a beautifully updated and almost humorous riff on a classic that at the same time managed to throw off tons of modern sparkle and charm. That Guerlain pulled the plug on PI after only a few years (as they do with all Shalimar flankers, most of which range from very good to drop-dead great), sending yet more 'fume freaks scrambling over to the 'Bay to hoard bottles, makes me wonder if Wasser and Co. don't suffer from some kind of attention deficit disorder.

And maybe, at this point, an inability to innovate? Seriously, does the world really need Mon Guerlain, yet another well-made but inoffensive scent? Perfectly fine, sure, but also perfectly generic, perfectly redundant, and perfectly calibrated to be as easy-to-grasp as every paint-by-number juice that hits the counters these days. A hit of something citrus up front, followed by an iris that momentarily echoes that of Parfum Initial, some lavender to tone down the sweetness, some musk to keep it clean, and enough vanilla in the dry down to hit that perfect pastry note, since it seems that everyone these days wants to end up smelling like a donut.

I laughed when I saw that Angelina Jolie is the spokesperson. Really? I'd be embarrassed if I were her. Don't mind me, though. Mon Guerlain is probably selling like gangbusters.
16th June 2018
Mon Guerlain is wonderful.
This scent is so elegant, feminine and lovely!
The opening is fresh and floral with lavender, jasmine and bergamot. Then it turns into a delicate, soft, delicious scent, warm, powdery, cozy, slightly sweet.
The lasting power is good, the sillage is divine.
Absolutely marvellous, one of the best vanilla fragrances.
Great nose, Mr Wasser.

22nd February 2018
Mon Guerlain has been welcomed as a gift by our 16-year-old daughter as her first fragrance.

Many other fragrances from luxury houses were tested, however, nothing else clicked like Mon Guerlain.

The notes and ingredients deserve appreciation.

The notes can be seen as consistent with the artistry and humanitarian work of Angelina Jolie.

A search on Youtube shows that Mon Guerlain is rated as the best girlfriend fragrance by guys, including Jeremy.

IMHO, Guerlain has made the creation of a modern interpretation of femininity in a very popular scent look EASY, though of course, making it look easy requires a master perfumer.
2nd January 2018
Candy Guerlain...

What I get from Mon Guerlain is a sweet vibe. One which reminds me of a gourmand. In fact I consider this a gourmand in the same way that La Petite Robe Noire is.

I get the vanilla, lavender and tonka, but there seems to be an undertone of a caramel-like vibe... along with powdery iris etc. I find it very wearable (even on a man's skin), much in the same way that La Petite Robe Noire was. In fact, if that fragrance was for night time, then this is for the day. I also find it much more versatile than La Petite Robe Noire, though not as original.

I have read that Jicky was the inspiration (and starting point) for this fragrance. It's probably correct to say that this is a gourmand version of Jicky. I find it probably sits in between all the other sweet, female marketed fragrances today. I now understand why Guerlain need to release this in order to compete on the market, although the quality of ingredients here is quite high. It's well made for what it is.

Overall, this would be something to recommend. I can't see this being worn on an older person, but for a younger woman under the age of 40 I think this could work really well. I also think that this would be great on a young man's skin, but it would take a man who is comfortable with smelling sweet, it's a daring move in that respect. Only time will tell whether this becomes a classic. I am on the fence with it really.
15th December 2017
Mon Guerlain doesn't smell too bad up close. It's not great, but within the context of modern trends in perfumery, it smells typical. It even reminded me slightly of Guerlain Iris Ganache or perhaps even Dior Homme Intense, in its best moments. The smell it was projecting, however, did not work for me, and it was striking me as a scrubber.
11th December 2017
Take Angel and give it a super big sweet vanilla infusion and you have Mon Guerlain. Angel with whipped cream on top.

For the great house to stoop so low as to create a flanker to someone else's success, even though that perfumer has been employed by Guerlain to create this, is still a pretty weak act. I guess Wasser, after creating eleventy-two flankers to his iconic hit himself, woke up one morning in the lab and said, "Eureka, I forgot the sweet vanilla flanker accord! Why, I'll just slip this formula into my new employer's lab's mail box and they'll never know."

Nice, but an unremarkable copy of an established hit with a tiny twist.
6th August 2017
So, what is the recipe for a big-budget, got-to-be-successful, no-room-for-error, if-you-build-it-they-will-come perfume? To judge by Guerlain's approach: Mix equal parts imitation, predictability and risk aversion in a large bowl. Bake in a lukewarm focus-group until stale. Sprinkle with olfactory least common denominators. Serve in a bottle replete with historical Awethenticity™. Buon appetito.

Am I cynical? Clearly, but I can't hold a candle to Guerlain.

With Mon Guerlain Thierry Wasser proves he isn't so much the successor to Jean-Paul Guerlain as he is the heir to Jacques Guerlain. Jacques was known for nicking someone else's ideas (namely, François Coty's) and making them better. Wasser attempts a Jacques Guerlain with two perfumes: Lancome's end-of -the-world-as-we-know-it lollipop, La Vie Est Belle, and Mugler's iconic poison-apple, Angel. The drag is that Mon Guerlain drowns in the syrup of the former but forgets the atonal war-cry of the latter. Angling between these two perfumes Guerlain casts its net as wide as possible, hoping for a hit that would break all box-office records.

The complication is that Guerlain looks to two perfumes that, though they both got a whole lotta ethylmaltol going on, are diametrically opposed. Angel might have launched two decades of straight-faced gourmand perfumes but it did so inadvertently. It was anything but straight. Angel's cotton-candy is counterbalanced by an enormous inedible chemo-floral note and an earthy patchouli. It smells sweet, but it's pure venom. La Vie Est Belle has no nuance, no subtext. It's pure candy. Wasser's Mon Guerlain looks for an easy reconciliation of the two perfumes because they are both overdosed with ethylmaltol. He misses the point that Angel, twenty five years later, is still a motherfucking monster. La Vie Est Belle on the other hand is the most vanillla of Disney fairy princesses.

Wasser uses lavender to twist Mon Guerlain into a taffy fougère. Pouring it into a version of the brand's historical quadrilobe bottle is an attempt to draw a connection to Guerlain's classic, sweet fougère Jicky, but don't believe the hype. Despite the deception a list of notes provides, Mon Guerlain has no relationship to Jicky.

20th July 2017
Truth? Reminds me too much of original Lolita Lempicka; a lighter version of LL. Wearable, not overly memorable.

Smells better in the wintertime...
16th June 2017
The only thing that separates this from dozens of other sweet, fresh-off-the-press releases is a slight (and I do mean SLIGHT) powdery accord, which is probably due to the iris.

Whatever your feelings about Angelina Jolie, you have to admit she is out of the ordinary. This scent, despite its pedigree, is not. Such a wasted opportunity for creativity.
7th May 2017
Should probably have been called Pauvre Petite as this shiveringly unimaginative thing seems to have been designed to languish in a corner at the ball. A vapourously musky vague pinky floral with fruity accents at the start that feels utterly generic. The two points of interest are a cool and refreshing citric lift at the top and a rubber-smooches-Play-Doh vanilla-tonka combo in the base. It has a smoothness of execution from start to finish that suggests a surer touch behind the generic front. However, one cannot escape the conclusion that by the drydown this kind of thing turns the wearer into an ambulant marshmallow.
Perhaps I'm being unkind and there will likely be those who will love its delicacy, for it is light and soft like a powder puff and would probably function well as a casual everyday kind of scent. But I can't really see a space for such enervated offerings in my perfumed life.
27th April 2017
All work and no play? It makes Jack a dull boy. Give Thierry Wasser a holiday! Guerlain couldn't find the energy to make a new perfume. Do they need shots of B12 or something? I wanted Mon Guerlain to make pots of dosh to secure the future of Guerlain classics and it's insipid, not ghastly, just dull.
23rd April 2017
Tried this on a recent trip out of town and was surprised by its lack of longevity and sillage. A perfectly acceptable and pleasant "everywoman" scent, on a par with L'Instant although L'Instant is more giving of both presence and time. There are far better Guerlains to be had but if just smelling nice is your aim, this is ok.
13th April 2017
If I rate it for what it is, I give it a positive rating. Sandalwood bitterness quickly fading into a powdery vanilla I love, with some floral notes. But if i rate it compared to the market, I give it a neutral. It's good, but nothing special.
5th April 2017
I am not the best at reviews but I feel the need to step up on this one.
After the commercial I dutifully ordered a bottle being a Guerlain Junky. ( Vintage Guerlain in general).
Not surprising that Mon Guerlain smells very ordinary and smells very much like something else on the market that I smell on people walking in the mall. Very Ordinary. Not bad or overwhelming.
It smells nice. But who wants nice?
The best thing about Min Guerlain is the commercials with Ms Jolie. If I wear this will people think I am as glamorous as she? Not. I think I will stick to Angelique Encens where I am quite sure people think I am as glamorous as Marlene Dietrich! Ha ha just kidding.
28th March 2017