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Molook Attar by Amouage

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Molook Attar is a shared scent by Amouage

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Reviews of Molook Attar by Amouage

There are 2 reviews of Molook Attar by Amouage.

I've used Ajmal's Saif al Hind for several years, so i'm familiar with the animalic barnyard side of Hindi Aoud. Saif al Hind is sweeter than Molook, but it's the same basic composition of Taif Rose, Hindi Aoud, and a few spices. I think Saif Al Hind has saffron, and musk, while Molook has sandlewood and ambergris.

My nose couldn't process Molook for the first few wearings. It sort of reminded me of Homage, and other Amouage attars.
There is something a little harsh and austere about Homage. Maybe it's the frankinsense?

A week into the testing of Molook, i'm hooked on the stuff. My wife complains when i wear it, so i'm wearing it on the skin on my chest, and hopefully several layers of clothing can filter most of what she doesn't like! Maybe she will grow to like it as well. Then again...

I think Molook gets this mukhallat genre exactly right, it's warm, compelling and mysterious. After starting out with the 3 ml small size, I just sprang for the big 12 ml bottle from Amouage (AKA Tola). Hopefully it will last me for the rest of my life on earth. Since it is discontinued, I don't want to ever run out. If you are into bottles, the Amouage attar bottles are works of art.

The tiniest drop stinks to high heaven and lasts for 10 hours of so, so go easy! It's beautiful, get it while you can.

Despite what the fragrance notes may say, this is almost all Syoufi oud in all its sheep cheese-y, fetid feet glory. Don't get me wrong - I like it. But I've grown accustomed to it. I suspect that many Western noses might be initially put off by the hot, sour "blue cheese" aroma that swells up on the skin the minute you dab it on. That's just Syoufi oud for you. Its hot, Hindi, stinky breath is what most people in the Arabian peninsula feel is the real smell of oud. Personally, I prefer the smell of Cambodi oud, which is fruitier, sweeter, and less animalic, but there are no two ways about it - Syoufi oud is the oud smell that keeps my nose going back to the wrist over and over again. There is something deep and compelling about that odd sourness, something a little mysterious and even more interesting overall than Cambodi oud. It gets rounder and warmer (but not sweeter) as the day progresses, and the sourness of the oud becomes tempered with the creamy, salty twang of a nice ambergris reconstruction (or who knows, maybe real? Doubt it though) and woody basenotes. Masculine-leaning. Fascinating, though, especially for those interested in getting a hold of real Syoufi, considered to be the definitive oud smell in many areas of the Arab world. I am considering buying a small 1ml decant of this to have on hand, even just to sniff it occasionally. It's really good.

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