Molinard Homme I 
Molinard (1996)

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Molinard Homme I by Molinard

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Molinard Homme I is a men's fragrance launched in 1996 by Molinard

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Reviews of Molinard Homme I by Molinard

There are 11 reviews of Molinard Homme I by Molinard.

This scent leaves me puzzled, I don't understand it at all, can't separate any notes and is unlike anything I've encountered before. I don't find that it belongs to a particular era or style either. The one thing I know is that I enjoy it, quite a lot. Aside from being different from anything I know there's nothing here that's particularly special and it's quite nondescript.
Just a solid and pleasant Dad smell. It was a throw in from a purchase and I keep it in the truck to refresh it and me alternately.

Edit There's often discussions on the forum about unsung cheap good to great fragrances, I believe this qualifies. This is VERY good

I really enjoy this one, and from the look of things here, I may be one of the few.

It kicks off with a big shot of myrrh mixed with orange, which I think smells great, vaguely acidic and sweet in a resinous way. Quickly, the chypre elements come through, eventually followed by green herbs and a hint of lemony lavender and some sawdusty sandalwood. For a while, it sort of reminds me of Santal Noble (a nuanced sandalwood chypre) with extra herbs and all that myrrh added. Eventually, the myrrh dies down, leaving a fantastic 80's-smelling woody chypre with a sweet resinous core and a great mix of green herbs and sweet spices filling out the smell.

Honestly, I'd put Homme I up against any of the notable 70's/80's masculine woody chypres. It has character and uniqueness, but with a respect for history and a nose for subtle quality. I think it gets short-changed critically because it's cheap, but stands out as a great value when taken on its own merits. Maybe if it had been discontinued and you could only buy it on eBay for ridiculous prices, people would like it more...

Someone slapped on lots of baby powder at the golf course...i like it though. FORE!

Molinard I is more of an aromatic than a woody scent. Lavender and cloves are what seem to stand out the most to my nose.

I was introduced to this fragrance by a sales assistant shortly after testing Santos de Cartier. She described it as being a very classic fragrance, one which would appeal to those more mature men that seek conservative fragrances for their wardrobe.

I don't agree with the classic reference, however this fragrance is conservative. It's very basic in its approach, being somewhat one-dimensional, and having poor longevity, which is another downfall.

Molinard I is not signature material, however the scent itself is very soothing. Funny as it might sound, this fragrance would make an excellent bed-time scent. The lavender and soft woods would bring with it a peaceful night's sleep.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for this fragrance, I do believe it would be a lot more well-known had it been packaged differently. The bottle is so plain that I would have walked past this fragrance and dismissed it entirely had I not been introduced to it by the pushy sales assistant.

Myhrr (galbanum) is the predominant note of this perfume. it is present from the get go and persist during the whole development as the canvas on which the rest of the perfume is painted.
It opens with a strong lavender and mint accord backed by pelargonium, very herbal and honestly, not exactly to my taste, but swiftly turns into this patchouli/vetiver/cedar accord that is glorious against the myhrr background that give suberb support to this accord. The pelargonium unfortunately spoils the effect somewhat.
The whole perfume is really very pleasant, I would give this perfume 5 stars if it wasn't by that pelargonium note that is too intrusive to the patchouli/vetiver accord, so it gets only 4 stars in my book, but a thumbs up regardless.
Decent sillage and longevity.

Starts of really nice with a green woodsy feel and a light oakmoss and light vetiver base. However, it is very boring and fleeting. Not amazing or even nice enough to wear.

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