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Escentric Molecules (2008)

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Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules

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Molecule 02 is a shared scent launched in 2008 by Escentric Molecules

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Reviews of Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules

There are 18 reviews of Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules.

What I can't get around is just how MUCH like Molecule 01 this smells to me. I knew it would be "pheromone-like," as Molecule 01 is - meaning, it goes on very light, but as it blends with your natural body chemistry, projects off the skin. For most, it's a pleasant projection, and that's been my experience with Molecule 01, and now, 02. To be completely honest, and a pro-tip for those wanting to save a little (well, a lot of) cash - Amazon sells bottles of straight-up parfum elixirs of Iso-E-Super for around $20, $25 USD, and they project better and last longer than Molecule 01, while obviously retaining what makes the gentle, sugary cedar vibe of Iso-E-Super so special. You're welcome.

So I expected that, but slightly different, with Molecule 02. Ambroxan, after all, is the base for most 'blue' fragrances. But it turns out ambroxan, to my nose at least, is almost identical to Iso-E-Super. It's a light, sugary, cedar smell. So for me to have both in my collection would be redundant. For me, 01 is almost impossible to discern from 02.

That said, these 'molecules' absolutely deliver. They go on and then almost 'disappear' with their lightness into your skin. You may think you've just sprayed sugar water on yourself and it's dissipated and there's nothing to it. But then hours later, someone will compliment you on how delicious you smell. That's the magic of these molecules, and why they're so heavily-utilized in so many fragrances.

As with 01, 02 will also serve as a wonderful base for other fragrances, to give them a little 'oomph'. They will both react to your skin chemistry differently, hopefully in a pleasant way, and they will bring you attention even long after you've thought the mild scent had disappeared completely.

I have to go 'neutral' on this one, given just how incredibly close to 01 this smells and performs. If you have one, I'd argue you don't need the other. But you should have at least one of them in your collection, because I don't think anything comes closer to a pure pheromone 'love potion' as Iso-E-Super and/or ambroxan do.

One last thing I'll add: a previous reviewer may have hit it on the head, and has actually convinced me to shift my 'neutral' (because... redundant) to 'positive'. That reviewer says you really need to get ALL the Molecules from this house, and try them in order. They go from soft and light to more powerful as you go through sandalwood and eventually vetiver. That really helps me understand why 01 smells so much like 02 - the difference is vaguely a whisper. But given that this is an olfactory 'journey,' or as that reviewer said, a 'master class' in the art of fragrance-making - it totally makes sense to me now.

Unlike 01, at least you can smell this one. Kind of reminds me a little of BR540 in the dry down but nowhere near as good.


I have sprayed this a bunch of times over the last few months, trying to get a feel for it. It is not necessarily tap water, but it is close. With liberal sprays I can smell it, but I just feel this note is better when comprised in a package. Not good.

Light wood shaving almost minty.

Little depth to it. Almost a non event.

I am giving this a neutral until I test it some more and get opinions.

I get light, sweet, woody notes with a little bit of tea in the opening. Also, there's a pepperiness or dirtiness to it that pulls it back to being acceptably masculine.

Feels like an all-weather scent that works for most occasions to me.

I get average projection and very good longevity, lasts all day.

I will post this under every EM product, so if you've seen this before stop reading but at least one time note the following: you should buy every Molecule 0X and Escentric 0X and I will tell you why.

The reason (I have found and the usual miles may differ) is that this series is an education in fragrance. Each archetypal component molecule is examined -- start from the Escentric 0 to the X, then go to the equivalent Molecule. You will soon discern the influence of major scent famiies like Sandalwood, Vetiver, Ambroxan, and ISO E Super. You will thereafter learn these very popular notes in other compositions. Graduate-level education in fragrance. You will also learn how these major chemicals interact with your personal skin chemistry.

Do all eight for a true Rosetta Stone of the universe of fragrance, but at least a pair or two, whatever interests you.

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