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Escentric Molecules (2021)

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Molecule 01 + Iris by Escentric Molecules

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Molecule 01 + Iris is a shared scent launched in 2021 by Escentric Molecules

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Reviews of Molecule 01 + Iris by Escentric Molecules

There are 3 reviews of Molecule 01 + Iris by Escentric Molecules.

I'm a big fan of Escentric Molecules, especially the Escentric # fragrances and the Molecule 01 + fragrances. Molecule 01 + Iris, smells exactly like what you would expect if you are familiar with the iso-e-super note and Iris. However, the iris here is not a powdery or lipsticky tone as I was expecting, which for me makes it quite preferable. So often I find iris to be the smell of a lady's makeup bag. Perhaps the iso-e-super takes the powdery effect away and rounds it to a more woody, fresh air scent. Either way it works really well. Anybody could wear this, as it is quite natural smelling and very uni-sex. Highly recommended.

I don't love Molecule 01 + Iris but I think it lives up to what it promises, a fragrance that simply combines the note of iris with Molecule 01. The iris only mixed with iso-e super leans just slightly more fem than masculine to me, but I wore this with no issues.

I got good projection for the first 3-4 hours and then it would come and go. I couldn't really get much of the scent after about 7 hours. The iris is featured more than Molecule 01 to my nose but that could also just be the elusiveness of the iso-e super chemical magic.

Update: Wearing this a few more times now and I really like Molecule 01 + Iris more and more. It is subtle but it is so clean and perfect for work or other low-key situations where you just want to smell nice and clean with a bit of refinement.

The compilation of Iso e Super with Iris kind of makes sense as a thing to try with Molecule 01 + Iris. But, sadly for me this doesn't work very well and I did not enjoy it. Iris is a beautiful note that adds a thick neutral soft quality to any fragrance. Iso e Super expands and radiates whatever it combines with and so it does with Iris. Initially the expansion of iris is beautiful but as it progresses through the ravages of iso e super expansion, the parts separate and this thinning out of iris doesn't hold up well for either. The base smells synthetic and very floral while the opening is papery and dry. I will need to try this another time, but initially I am pushed back by the combination of these two parts. I like iris and I like Molecule 01, but not sure I want to smell them together.

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