Molecule 01 + Ginger fragrance notes

    • Iso-e-Super, Ginger

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Latest Reviews of Molecule 01 + Ginger

The iso-e super seems more predominant in this one than in the Black Tea version. I wish the ginger lasted a bit longer! But I still like it. The initial ginger scent's bright, and the dry down's noticeable but still very mild (which I need it to be for work).
8th June 2023
Pretty simple to review, if you've smelled Molecule 01 before.

This is basically that (Molecule 01 / ISO-E Super) with some ginger-zing mixed in. The ginger is much more apparent in the opening than drydown. I mostly just get the Molecule 01 experience after the first hour or so, which is still very nice.

I like this but would find it hard to own both this and Molecule 01 at the same time. The iris version is still the only one that I feel warrants a full bottle even if you have the original Molecule 01, but that's just me.
24th May 2023