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Escentric Molecules (2006)

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Escentric Molecules say: 'Molecule 01 consists of one single ingredient, ‘Iso E Super’. On its own it is less of an aroma than an effect. The wearer may notice a pleasant, subtle velvety-woody note which will vanish, then re-surface after some time, but more than this, she or he will notice the impact it has on other people.'

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Reviews of Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

There are 89 reviews of Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules.

In the past, there have been many soliflors - scents based on a single flower, but when Geza Schoen made a scent out of 'une seule molécule' it must have seemed like a crazy gimmick.

The novelty may have worn off these days, but this solicule is still an interesting perfume. It smells of Iso E Super, which has a light powdery-woody and ambery note. But 'note' doesn't do it justice, it smells more like an olfactory complex than a single note.

Iso E was nothing new when Molecule 01 came out. It was already being heavily used in perfumes like Trésor and Fahrenheit, and even though the style of 01 is very modern, it comes directly from the monumental structure of these past works. Iso E had become a bulking material, dosed to 25 or 30%, but Schoen used it in a different way, he overdosed it to the max - 100%.

The way he arrived at this innovation comes from a time honoured tradition. The perfumer sees the potential of some molecule the chemists have invented, and then finds a new way to use it. It's the same insight that lead Paul Parquet to add synthetic coumarin to his Fougère Royale - the first Modern perfume. But where Parquet added a synthetic note to his natural oils, Schoen removed everything but his one synthetic and created the Minimalist perfume.

If the supply of (new) synthetic molecules were to disappear there would be no more landmarks like 01; and what's more, it would be the end of modern perfumery as we know it. So let's hear it for the scientists, as well as the visionaries.


eBay decant
Aug 13, 2020

The conflicting reviews prompted me to buy a 30ml portable bottle of Molecule 01 which arrived an hour ago, together with the complete „discovery set“ of all 8 EM scents.

The discovery set is really big fun and a stunning lesson in how single substances evolve into wonderful and very modern perfumes.

I tend to like the Escentrics 01 to 04 very much. To my nose they all are surprising yet eminently wearable and elegant perfumes of a kind nobody near you will ever have recognised before. Truly cool.

Molecule 01 is a rather different beast. Sprayed on paper, after the overwhelming alcohol evaporated, I had a very pleasant impression of a somewhat sweet woody note. Which disappeared completely in a matter of minutes.

I first thought this was the often discussed phenomenon of blocked receptors. But when applied to my skin Molecule 01 does not disappear at all. It lasts, and continues to produce a VERY strong impression. It is so strong indeed that I‘m not sure if it will be a safe choice for the office. The concentration of ISO E Super is so high that a single spray dose leaves a shining layer on my skin.

It is said that Molecule 01 acts more by accentuating or even boosting your personal body or skin scent, rather than being a distinct perfume in its own right. If this were true, my skin is a perfect match for me, because Molecule 01 produces a somewhat chemical aura around me, and I indeed happen to be a chemist. Stunning. (Molecule 03 from the „discovery set“ does even smell exactly like a substance I remember synthesizing in the lab decades ago.)

I don‘t yet know if I will be able to like or even love this strange substance. But it clearly is a brilliant idea, and I am very happy to experience this most unusual performance.

The Escentric line of fully composed and very elegant perfumes is a safer bet than the single substance Molecule cents, me thinks. But M01 is very well worth the experience.

Edit. While my review is still on hold to be approved by admins I had the chance to wear M01 for a couple of days. Now my verdict is clear. This fragrance is simply magic. It has never again been too strong or too chemical. It just compliments me in a way I have never thought possible.
Sep 20, 2019

Goes on initially as a fresh, woody smell, which I really liked. After a few minutes, it disappears. I'm getting a whiff of woody scent every so often, which I'm enjoying. This would be a good scent for a super hot day when I don't want to overwhelm anyone with fragrance. Or, I would be interested in using this as a layering scent.

After several hours, I'm getting salty cedar, as if I just finished sanding a deck overlooking the ocean. I never thought I would want to smell like cedar sawdust, but I am really liking this.
May 27, 2019

I finally got around to trying this. I got a bar of soap from D.S. & Durga called Iso-E Soaper and it was stunningly wonderful stuff so I thought I'd better try my sample of Molecule 01 after having it sit around for the last three years or was instant love! What a beautifully understated aroma. It reminds me of a memory from my childhood that I can't quite recall, but it makes me feel clean and it makes me feel good. It doesn't get much better than that. This is an instant FB purchase for me. I'm only sad I didn't try this sooner! Four thumbs way up!
May 5, 2019

I love Iso-e in many other fragrances, especially those by Schoen for Ormonde Jayne. It's like a varnish bringing intensity and vividness to the other notes. Here, without other notes, one might think of John Cage's 4:33 and how one brings one's own. Which is fine the first time... but after that it starts to feel like a missed opportunity more than anything else.
Feb 28, 2019

Essence of Mothballs holding mint hostage.

Fragrance: 3/10
Projection: 5/10
Longevity: 7/10
Oct 24, 2018

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