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From religious faiths to the rich heritage of ancient wisdom, all is captured into one essence of ‘Mogao,’ which is named after the caves of Buddha, that feature a collection of finest Buddhist art spanning over a period of 1,000 years. Located in Kobe desert and on the monumental spot of the silk road, it was here where the caravans of men crossed paths with the holiness of Buddhism, amidst the rich natural surroundings that engulf this spiritual oasis of ancient China. ‘Mogao’ begins with a celebration of rich natural heritage of southwest China, Sichuan province. From a variety of aromatic sweet oranges, intoxicating Osmanthus combined with Sichuan’s indigenous spices and tea leaves that are picked with an attentive eye. Like the sacred content of the caves’ library, enigmatic aroma of fresh ingredient, tempered with the base note, is set to disperse beyond boundaries. 

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