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Reviews of Mogador by Keiko Mecheri

There are 7 reviews of Mogador by Keiko Mecheri.

A simple straightforward rose soliflore, made green by the addition of muget and rounded out with soft jasmine.

A four star "fresh floral" in the Turin classification.

This is a very nice rose, gentle and subdued, without complexity. The combination of three rose oils allows it to smell slightly differently from time to time as one or two take center stage simultaneously.

Excellent sillage and longetivity. Nicely done.
Oct 31, 2015

Shy, peeking RoseI received a couple of samples of this and have been playing with the scent, comparing it to others I've tried (quite a list!). I find this to be a very pure, slightly green rose scent. It's sweet, but not candied. It's a blooming deep pink bouquet to my mind. The rose has a similar character to Nahema, but none of the chemically additives that Nahema adds. I actually prefer that. As a result, it's a bit of a peeking rose, not heavy at all. However, this feels very refined. I'm on my way to owing my very own bottle.Pros: Beautiful pure rose scentCons: a little bit reserved"
Oct 15, 2013

I cannot believe there are no massive amount of reviews on this beautiful fragrance. Out of all the scents I've reviewed in the last few days, Mogador is most worthy of a hundred rave reviews.

This fragrance was my first encounter with Keiko Mecheri's astounding fragrance line. It made perfect sense for me to try Mogador first due to my search for the perfect rose fragrance. Mogador certainly comes close.

The scent is mostly rich, jammy roses with a touch of fruitiness. Mogador is smooth, feminine and powerful. An absolutely delicious rose blend.

Particularly in the opening, Mogador smelt a little chocolatey, like chocolate smoothered Turkish Delight to be exact. I wanted to devour it and experience its taste as well as its scent.

Red roses is what I perceive here. This isn't delicate pink, yellow or white roses, this is strong, tarty rose with an element of darkness. There are hints of spice every now and then, however it is not what carries this composition.

Some other reviews I've read say that this fragrance becomes soapy and powdery in the drydown. I have to disagree, because this did not happen for me. It stays relatively concentrated throughout, a soliflore, a rich red rose until the very end.

The lasting power is amazing, as can also be said of the sillage. I highly recommend to all rose lovers and niche enthusiasts.
Dec 29, 2011

Encountered as a sample, this one MUST join my rose collection. (La Rose Jacqeminot - Nahema - Fleurs de Bulgarie, etc.) On me the roses are dew drenched, heavy-headed and sumptuous. Full blown Bulgarian roses in the height of summer - can you tell I love it??!!
Jun 17, 2010

I find this rose to be a tad harsh with the addition of some green/herbal notes around the edges. Though, it's a fine rose floral and feels natural. I don't like it but a thumbs up since it's probably one of the better roses I've smelled.
Oct 5, 2008

I am not a rose fanatic, but I'm quite enamored with Mogador. It smells elegant and refined, as if one would wear it to garden tea party, where everyone is dressed to the nines and has a ridiculously huge floppy hat. At the same time, I can also imagine wearing it to a Raconteurs concert, in jeans and a T shirt! The sillage is very good, and the notes ring true. There are none of those fake "rose on steroids" notes that I seem to find in many contemporary rose fragrances. Yes, it's simple, and almost a rose soliflore, but quite beautiful. A plus; most of Keiko Mecheri's fragrances are relatively inexpensive, compared with other niche lines (under $100 a bottle--these days that seems like a deal!).
Jun 8, 2008

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