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Estée Lauder (2013)

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Modern Muse by Estée Lauder

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Modern Muse is a women's perfume launched in 2013 by Estée Lauder

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Reviews of Modern Muse by Estée Lauder

There are 8 reviews of Modern Muse by Estée Lauder.

Big white floral of mixed flowers, with faint indole back far enough to not offend indole-hating me. The base notes are smooth powdery woods and vanilla musks but there's a note in there that smells like hairspray, which I dislike. It's a pretty easy to wear scent but somehow strikes me as maturing/aging. And there are moments that really remind me of Avon fragrances, which aren't historically my favorite scents. Gonna be a neutral pass for me.

Common, mainstream opening. Citrus, non-descript flowers, half-nutty, at first. Safe. Perfume for women who wish to assume power in the boardroom. Haughty, without true character. My impressions, at first.

It is the tuberose & lily that throw me off, at first, with the nut-like vibe. It does, get better. The jasmine is pretty good here, and perhaps, I judged too soon. MM is lovely, in time, in its own way. But, I've smelled a gazillion frags like it. I've grown particular over the years, with tuberose-centric perfumes... And jasmine, for that matter.

I have a like-a-lot / lukewarm feeling for Lauder. I could learn to like this scent, never adore. Strangely, the husband really likes this one on me. He thinks it's sexy.

Admittedly my opinion of this perfume changes later on. The heart relaxes, becomes lovely and refined. Less bitchy - more approachable. Dang you, Harry Fremont!

A mainstream love-fest, with this one. Base notes soften up the center florals, over time. Merge. Mellows. I change my mind over this, the more I experience it. Safe, patchouli, vanilla, amber accords, with fluffy musk softness. Two thumbs up.

Later, I figured it out - the top and middle reminded me of Boucheron...

A light, fresh, boring but nice white floral, dominated by jasmine. Ok.

The top note is a somewhat nonspecific floral impression with a slightly orangey touch. It has some fresh-ish moments though.

The drydown develops the floral theme further. A somewhat faint honeysuckle combines with a fairly perfunctory tuberose; all this is given some depth by a pleasant jasmine note that is the dominant component at that stage of the development.

The base, with a bit more sweetness as the earlier phases but never cloying, is centred around vanilla and a woodsy undertone. An agreeable white musky impression is present and, with the vanilla, prominent towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring scent is quite pleasant at times, but at times outright boring. The jasmine is quite nice, but overall the whole mix never really develops on me into a convincing whole. Most of the ingredients are rather generic and anaemic on my skin. 2.5/5.

Everytime I wear Modern Muse, I love it more. This is my "I want to smell sophisticated today" perfume....I love it for work and daytime events.

Some white florals overwhelm me and put me in headache territory pretty quickly, but MM wears easily. Lasts all day too! Estee Lauder rarely makes a misstep in my book, and this one is a goodie!

Languid and diaphanous as a faery of the enchanted forests, aqueous (initial) transparency, green floral subtleness and otherworldly poetry. Hardly Estee Lauder fails a move and who cares about the ordinary designer-type synthetic approach? Vaguely (may be conceptually) close to Lancome Poeme and fragrances as Just Precious La Perla or Elie Saab (of course Elie Saab Le Parfum is the first perfume that jumps on mind to many) Modern Muse smells about extremely delicate muskiness and transparent sophisticated floral/green fluidity; a bright romantic combination of musk, citrus (orange, bergamot, mandarine), various floral patterns and woods (mostly sandalwood). The latter is soon detectable since the fist spray on skin as sheer undertone tickling the nose. Lily of the valley provides a sort of water like transparent extra dry feel while sambac Jasmine and may be rose imprint an extremely sophisticated subtleness really sensual, musky, fresh and elegant. I detect throughout a wax/pollen centered floral-vegetal approach perfectly combined with musk and vanilla. The dry down is slightly more rounded and warmer with a touch of balminess which doesn't geopardize the widespread dry muskiness. The fragrance is not particularly original (or better is somewhat un-original) of course but well appointed for sure, the name Muse evokes an ideal otherworldly white inspiring model with a sort of "divine" Goddess aura. More than appreciable concoction though too much evocative about previous olfactory experiments.

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